My Melody

This is story is about a girl who has a secret that no one even the her headmistress doesn't know about the dark secret that will appear in the story later. What is this dark secret that she hides?


5. The real bitchy Melody

When he saw me talking to one of the club member, he went back of me and said "She's mine, so you better back off," I looked at him then got away, I wasn't getting irritated until now, so I said "how about going to the vice president," he turned around and looked at her, then smiled. When he turned back to see my face, I was gone, I went to my room and tried to stay calm but I couldn't. He was looking for me all over the school, he even ask the some of the club members and the vice president, but they told him 'no, I haven't seen her'. Was he just playing with me or no?

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