My Melody

This is story is about a girl who has a secret that no one even the her headmistress doesn't know about the dark secret that will appear in the story later. What is this dark secret that she hides?


9. Melody's song

After weeks passed, I wrote a song to remind me that I was so strong, but the thing is that I couldn't find the right melody for it. I went to the music room, where a grand piano was kept in, when I started to play it, I was so lost of the time while I was playing it. Pedro came in and saw me playing my song, by the time it was to the ending, the vice president came in and cleared her throat, I stop and said in a respectful voice "yes?" She answered "You know it's almost time for our meeting," I nodded and gotten up out of the stool when I saw Pedro, he was amazed then he asked "Where did you learn how to play like that?" I didn't answer, I just left with the vice president. Is it just me or is he falling in love with me?

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