My Melody

This is story is about a girl who has a secret that no one even the her headmistress doesn't know about the dark secret that will appear in the story later. What is this dark secret that she hides?


1. Melody

Hi, I'm Melody Fernandez and I'm 15 yrs-old, my parents are gone, they abandoned me when I was only 6 yrs-old. Today, Mr.Hun saw how fast I was running, he thought it was a good idea that I should join the track team when I left to English, Mr.Hun came running after me and yelling my name. I turned around and said "What's up Mr.Hun?" He looked at me and answered "Melody, I wanted to see if you would join the track team, so would you think about it?" I answered him so quickly "No." He looked at me so shocked since I answered him so quickly. Why did I answered him so quickly?

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