My Melody

This is story is about a girl who has a secret that no one even the her headmistress doesn't know about the dark secret that will appear in the story later. What is this dark secret that she hides?


8. He's a bastard: Part 2

When I came in my room, I had a feeling like someone was in my room with me. I started looking for my laptop but I couldn't it until I heard a thud in my closet, when I opened it, George was right there or I thought it was. Then I asked "George?" He answered "I'm actually Pedro Martinez, George's twin brother," I went up to him and said "you're dead," he smirked just like George does. I punched him so hard, he pinned me down on my bed, he ripped my shirt open, then started he was finally done, I started seeing that he was being a bastard just like his own brother, George. Weeks passed, Pedro saw me walking alone towards my locker that I can put books back in there. Was Pedro having feelings for me or no?

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