I Am the Best

Count Minstrel and Lord Edward of Moriko have been friends for ages, but how they became friends is a little strange.
The son of the ruler of half the world chooses to be friends with a roadside clown? How strange!


1. The Story Begins with Blood...

    Edward sat quietly as he looked out through the dusty window into the night. He gave a small sigh as he thought about all the problems he knew he would have to face soon, but he knew he wouldn't be alone.


"Minstrel..." he whispered


   A man with bright purple hair wearing a triangular hat with a feather, along with old fashioned robes appeared next to the brown haired man that stared out the window.


"How can I help you on this fine evening, Master Moriko?"


"This world is failing, isn't it?"


"Hm? What do you mean?"


Edward turned to his friend "This world, Moriko. It's failing. The World Government is sending too many Freaks over to our side that we're losing power... I feel that my plan is going to fail miserably..."


"That's not true!" the Count yelled, slamming his fist into the wall as his uncovered eye glowed


Edward jumped a little as he startled him "Minstrel?..."


"You're Lord Moriko! The greatest and most powerful man in all the world! Your plan won't fail! There's no way!"


"But if it did... I would lose everything... Including you..."


"Huh?... S-Sir?..." Minstrel blushed a little at his Master's words


"I couldn't bear that loss..."




    The doors suddenly busted open and a young man wearing a black and purple police uniform ran in.

"Lord Moriko! Count Minstrel!"


"I thought I said to never bother me when I'm talking to Count Minstrel..."


"I-I'm sorry sir, but we have a problem! A little girl escaped during one of the Sweeps!"


"You...Let her escape?..."


"I t-tried my best to catch her, my Lord!"


"No excuses..."


"But sir- Huh?"


    The man froze after hearing the clicking sound. He looked up and saw a gun pointing straight at him that Edward was holding firm in his grasp.


"Please, Sir! Have mercy!"


Minstrel grinned "Thank you for your service.~"




    Edward pulled the trigger, making three arrows shoot out and blow off the man's head, right arm, and chest. The officer fell backwards onto the ground making more blood splatter against the wall. As the sun rose, Edward grinned.


"Have a nice day.~"


((Hello! This is Chapter One of my Series: "Legend of the Sim!" I'm using it in here to set the mood of the story. I hope you like it! If you do, good comments. This is just an idea, so I don't know if I should actually write it or not. Tell me if you think so!))

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