I Am the Best

Count Minstrel and Lord Edward of Moriko have been friends for ages, but how they became friends is a little strange.
The son of the ruler of half the world chooses to be friends with a roadside clown? How strange!


3. Minstrel's Dream Come True...

    He held me close to him as his lips touched mine. He felt so warm, yet so cold against me. I closed my eyes softly as our kiss deepened and as his hand made its way down to my waist. I wrapped my arms gently around his neck to tell him I wanted him more. I could feel his hot smirk against my mouth before he pinched my side, making me let out a short yelp, then quickly slid his tongue into my mouth.


    My face had to me completely red by then, but he wanted to make it worse. He French kissed me deeply before pulling back with a little string of saliva still attaching our tongues. Edward moved down and kissed my neck lightly then suddenly bit it, leaving a small mark on my sensitive, albino skin. I let out a whimper as he pulled away.


"Are you satisfied now?"




"You don't have to jump out at me to get my attention. You catch the eye easily..." he said as he let me go then left with a smirk


    I had no idea what he meant by that, until I looked over at the window seat where he would always sit whenever he got the chance. I walked over to the dusty window and looked through it before I gasped. The window looked right over the garden where I worked during the day for free time.


"Has Edward been watching me the whole time?..."


"Of course he has, Min-Min!"


    I turned around quickly to see that it was only little Russell, a blonde haired, blue eyed child who had been possessed by the demon Roznick when he was only 2. I sighed out of relief then sat down on the seat.


"You know he has?" I asked as I picked him up and sat him on my lap


"Of course. I clean the whole house everyday! I've seen him here just sitting as he looks out that window. He watches you when you sing and dance with a smile. I wish he looked at me like that."


"He looks at all of us differently, Russell. He looks at you like a son. He took you in when you were in trouble then asked me to help raise you. Lord Edward may be evil, but he still has a heart."


"Even though there's a devil inside of him like there is in me?..."


"Yes. During the day, he is the evil man everyone fears. At night, however, he is the calm, quiet gentleman we know."


"And he loves you, Min-Min!"


"What?!" I nearly yelled


"He does! He chose not to marry Miss Lamia when you were still human, because he didn't want to leave you!"


"I thought it was because she nagged so much..."


"No! Roznick told me everything!"


"What did I tell you?..." the red haired demon said as he appeared standing next to the young boy


"You told me why Master Edward didn't marry Miss Lamia."


"Oh. Well, it's true. He wanted to be with you, even though his father wouldn't approve. Why do you think he made you his "Queen" and has made it that you don't have to do any of the chores unless you really want to?..."


"Y...You're not joking... are you?..."


"No." the boy and young man said together


"I need to find Edward!"


((Here's Chapter Four! This is actually going better than I thought it would. In the actual story this is from, this is all true. I don't know if I should make Edward and Minstrel fall in love in the novel or what though, but we'll see. Thank you for the nice comments and for so many views! I'm going to be uploading more stories by the way, so stay tuned for more!~))

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