Adriana was always the outspoken figure in the background until she met the boy with the sun kissed skin and the hidden identity that one summer.

He was all she could've ever wished for but He was from a place not known to man-kind. That is, until he told Adriana and the whole Underwater realm was thrown into chaos and the poor girl was pushed down into a whirlpool.

But the sea isn't meant for everyone and Adriana has found herself in a whole lot of trouble.

Will she resurface to her dull, colourless life or will Nebraska hold her under?


1. Prologue


I miss summer. 

I miss the ocean that washed up along the shore, kissing and dancing around my ankles, pulling me deeper into a dream.

I miss his warm hands and humble spirit. 

I miss the seagull cries that came out more like melodies and the way I felt when excitement filled my body for the very first time.

I was no longer that tall, lanky outcast in the background. I no longer had to worry about fitting in or drawing attention to myself. All of my problems and responsibilities were pushed to the back of my head and replaced with a warm, yellow daze.

Oh, how I love yellow now.

It was his favourite colour. His bedroom walls sparkled like sunlight and he loved daffodils like he loved the ocean. I always knew there was something special about him and it intrigued me. 

But then everything came to an end.

Summer concluded and fall came by to sweep me off my feet and carry me back home, kicking and screaming. Well...maybe not that intense, but you get the point.

I still remember what he told me on the last day of those two weeks in paradise. How could I forget? It was like I was thrown inside of a fairytale or I was living a dream. He held my hands in his and looked at me with those crystal clear eyes.

And spoke. 

He told me a secret that he’d sworn to never tell. Something so unreal yet it made so much sense. It made me come more aware to life itself and my whole perspective crumbled into the sand.

Now all I see of him is glimpses in peoples faces or in my nightmares. I don't understand exactly why they turn into nightmares but every time I see him I wake up screaming.

But I've made a promise to myself, a vow if you must.

That I, Adrianna Wells, will find and reunite with this boy.

Because I'm sick of being invisible, outspoken and frowned open. I'm over being left in the abyss that is my life. I want to feel the thrill that he injected into my body everytime he held my hand.

I want it more than anything.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just, Nebraska. 






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