Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


10. 9

As Sergio ran after Cynthia he wondered. “Who should I summon?" There was that sassy girl with the axe. No, she'll just keep going until she killed Akushi like what Cynthia is trying to do now. What about the other one? The girl with the wings and two swords? She'd be easier to persuade not to kill, but what was her name? He tried to remember that time they fought that imp on the top of the car. “Syren!" Now he just needed to know how to use it. How'd she use it to summon the axe girl. Sergio held out the mirror in front of him. “I summon thee, spirt of deception, Syren!" He hoped that it would work.

Cynthia then flashed white and switched to Syren. “My my, whatever has Kagedorcha gotten herself into?" Sergio could finally catch up to her. “Syren?" Syren nodded. “The one and only! Why call me out on a time like this?" Sergio handed back the mirror to Syren. “I summoned you, I needed to stop Kagedorcha, she has awoken her power and was about to recklessly step into a trap." Syren nodded. “What should we do now anyway?" Sergio thought. “Well, id say our best guess is to leave this place, and here's hoping he doesn't follow. Then we'll restore Kagedorcha to her original form when we've left, hopefully she'd have calmed down. Syren nodded. “I can fly you there, just take me by the hand." Sergio grabbed her and they were off.

Cynthia found herself in a strange new realm, everything was purple. “Okay seriously, what's with these places being one colour?" She then heard someone behind her. She turned around to see who it was. It was Ella. “What are you doing here? I didn't know you had your own body." Ella levitated similar to Cynthia and crossed her arms. “In this realm I do, this is what's inside the mirror, you're here because s certain somebody summoned a certain Syren." Cynthia then only noticed that Syren was missing. “Why'd he do that?" Ella shrugged. “Maybe cause your reckless behaviour nearly costed your own safety, but that's none of my business."

“Really? What even happened out there, I can't remember anything up until Sergio broke the machine, like someone else was taking over." “That's your power being awoken, you're hatred and revenge for Akushi has fuelled your inner magic, and so, it only makes sense that because you haven't had such a rare magic been awoken in so long that it's too much for you to handle and it goes too far." Cynthia was in awe at this information. “Ella, I, never knew you would've known so much." Ella rolled her eyes. “You get bored sometimes, constantly being in this realm, awaiting for the chance to be summoned." “Although, I'd like to know, how'd I not come here the first time I summoned you or Syren." “There's your answer, it was the first time."

“I can't believe my actions nearly got Sergio and I busted again, he'll never trust me again." Ella smirked. “You like him." Cynthia jerked her head up. “Do not! I'm just concerned about my friend's safety." Ella sniggered. “Keep telling yourself that, whatever helps you sleep at night." Cynthia sighed. “Is there anyway to see what Syren and Sergio are up to?" Ella took Cynthia hand and turned her towards a giant screen. Here Cynthia could see a first person view of what Syren was doing. “It looks like they're leaving Akushi's lair." Ella nodded and glided over to a small control pad. “Never used this before, but I know what it does." Cynthia looked at it. “What does it do?" There seemed to be a bunch of fancy high tech buttons that all looked similar. “A lot of things, but right now we're going to use it for this," Ella pressed a small red button, “we're going to communicate with Syren!"

“What's that?" Syren looked over and saw a soft red glow from the mirror. “It seems Ella has found her." Syren took out the mirror and Sergio saw the crystal has transformed into a ruby. “We're out of his lair, so I think I can answer it." She flew down and let Sergio down. She took out the mirror and pressed the crystal to answer the call. In the mirror she saw Ella and Cynthia who were looking at the screen. “Has she regained herself?" Ella nodded. “She was okay when she came here. I think coming to the realm changed her." Syren nodded. “Here, how do I get back?" Cynthia asked. Syren sighed. “Ella will show you that." Ella pressed a black button and Cynthia returned.

“Hey Kage, sanity returned?" Cynthia nodded awkwardly. “The town is just a five minute walk, we'll make it to the I.F.O.M.W.R.A by day's end." “That's cool." Then Cynthia realised something. After this, Sergio will be gone! Not knowing what to do, she decided to consult her formed for advice. “I know that leaving your friend is gonna be hard, but this place is the only place you can go where you're safe from Akushi, honestly girl, that is not the last you'll see of him." Syren sighed. “You know, hard as it is to say, I agree with Ella, besides, you'll meet again, the magic realm isn't all that big."

“Sergio," Sergio turned and saw that Cynthia was trying to avoid eye contact, “will I ever see you again, when this is over?" Sergio lifted her head up and softly smiled. “I wouldn't just leave you forever, you're the first true friend I've ever had." Cynthia blushed slightly. “I guess we should be going." Sergio nodded. “We'll finally finish our mission." The two walked out of the woods.

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