Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


9. 8

Sergio banged the door of the van. He needed to get out. He needed to save her. He needed to stop this madness! “Let me out of here at once!" Sergio yelled as he banged his fists on the doors. He went on for hours until he fell to the ground with exhaustion. “I can't just let her die! This is all my fault! If I was a better Mage I could have protected her!" As Sergio fell back down he thought. “I could be a better Mage, but I must hurry, they could be firing up the machine anytime now!"

“Where are you taking me?" Cynthia asked as Akushi dragged her along. “We're going somewhere, you'll see when you get there." Cynthia then stood still. “No! I'm not going there!" Akushi looked back at her. She was standing still and resisting being dragged by him from her binds. “Kagedorcha! I ask of you not to be difficult." Cynthia refused to listen and sat down on the ground. “Fine, I tried to be civil Kage, but you have left me no choice."

Akushi snapped his fingers and the ropes around Cynthia's chest began to get tighter. Cynthia tried to act unaffected at first. “Fine, lets see if you can handle level two!" The snapped his fingers again and they only got tighter still. Cynthia tried to resist again but they were overpowering her. They were crushing her ribs and taking all the air she had out of her lungs. She started to suffocate. “If you come along with me, you promise not to be bold?" Cynthia frantically nodded and Akushi snapped his fingers again. Cynthia could breathe again. She remained seated on the floor trying to get her breathing working again. Akushi tugged at her by the stray rope he held. “C'mon you lazy slut!" Cynthia reluctantly stood back up and followed him.

Sergio sat down and sighed. “Alright Sergio, if you want to save Kagedorcha then you must be able to use your magic without water," he held his hand outwards and slowly clenched his fist. Nothing happened. “C'mon!" He tried again multiple times and nothing happened. This angered him and he yelled out as he did it one more time. Ice flew out of the palm of his hand before he could clench his fist and broke the door down. Sergio quickly celebrated his accomplishment to himself and jumped out of the van.

Lucifer saw him and flew towards him. “Who did you could get out?" Sergio smirked. “I did!" He held his hand out and froze Lucifer with his ice. “I'll give you five seconds to tell me where my sword is, before I break you!" Lucifer was shocked by his sudden aggression. “You wouldn't do that." Sergio looked down and held his fist up. “Shall I break the ice?" The ice began to split. “You'll break along with the ice." Lucifer knew that Sergio wasn't kidding. “Douglas is playing with it!" Sergio stormed off to find Douglas.

“Where's my sword you giant ape!" Douglas turned around and Sergio saw the glowing sword. “Oh, you mean this thing?" Douglas smirked and snapped the sword in half. Sergio ran forth and picked up the two halves. “I guess you're powerless yet again." Sergio placed the two halves together. “Not yet!" He tried to use his ice magic to mend his sword. The sword began to glow way more than it usually did. Sergio flailed it around to intimidate.

“I need you to help me find Kagedorcha!" Douglas crossed his arms. “Why should I listen to male Rapunzel?" Sergio held up his sword. “Because if you don't, my sword will cut you down to size!" Douglas sighed. “That's fine with me, I'll help you, I don't even work for Akushi. I was hoping to stay by his side until I can get my revenge." Sergio nodded. “Revenge?" Douglas nodded. “He killed my little sister Clara! When the time is right he shall die!" Douglas picked up Sergio by his hair and placed him on his shoulder. “Come on! We're avenging those girls!" “But Kagedorcha isn't dead yet!" Douglas looked at Sergio. “Yet!"

“Kage, darling, please sit still." Cynthia tried to get out of Akushi's grasp as he tried to seat her onto a metal chair. Annoyed, Akushi shoved her by her chest and she fell onto it. A metal ring clamped around her torso. “What the fuck is this?" The ring held her down and she was unable to stand up. “I've had just about enough with being tied down!" Cynthia slammed her hands on the arms of the chair only to have her wrists clamped by two separate rings. Then more came to trap her legs.

Akushi sat on her lap. “Would you like to see it?" Cynthia tried to pull her face away from his as far away of possible. “I'd love to, just get off me!" Akushi wrapped his right arm around her and pulled her close. He used his left arm to press a remote. A strange machine that looked like some science fiction silver ray gun appeared from the ground. Akushi clapped his hands together like a kid in a candy store and hugged Cynthia. “It's here!" Cynthia bit Akushi on his right arm. “Wow! You sneaky bitch!" He smacked her across the face and he laughed like a mental patient.

He leaped off her lap and looked at the machine and stroked it. “It's the second prettiest thing I've ever seen, until I met you!" Cynthia groaned. “Honestly, I like you better with the machine." Akushi sighed and stroked Cynthia's face. “Don't worry, when we're done we can be together again." He then dropped her and fired up the machine.

“This machine's purpose is simple. As you are tied down the machine will beam you with a ray that will dig inside you, scrape out whatever magic is inside of you and take it away. It'd normally kill anyone but I'll let you live, cause you're sexy." Cynthia growled. “Enough with that, you keep telling me that!" Akushi giggled like a schoolgirl. “You're cute when your mad and helpless. Can I kiss you?" Cynthia blinked in confusion. “What?!"

Two imps then came up to Akushi. “Sir, you're flirting with this girl is delaying our mission." Akushi waved him away. “I'm the master here, watch this." Akushi leapt onto Cynthia and pulled his face close to hers. “Don't try to resist or I'll kill you!" Then he pulled her face to his and kissed her on the lips. The imps watched. Then Cynthia bit his tongue.

Akushi was taken by surprise and went back and Cynthia spat all over the place and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. “Ew! I hate you!" Akushi and the imps giggled. Cynthia growled and screamed out continuous swears. “How dare you do that to me! I have my rights!" Akushi sighed and felt up her hair. “Don't lie you enjoyed it." Cynthia gasped. “You're such a perv!" Akushi giggled. “Well, time to start up the machine."

“Is it that far Douglas?" Sergio looked over his shoulder. “Not that far, but, I feel you shouldn't worry, Akushi is a giant pervert, he's probably taking his time to kill her." Sergio sighed and looked out and saw a silver glimmer out of the corner of his eye. “Is that it?" Douglas saw it. “Yes, c'mon little man!" Sergio nodded as they trekked over to the machine.

Akushi then saw someone in the different. “Oh shit! They're coming!" In a hurry he flicked the machine on. “Next time you'll see me you'll be all over me with no power, but it's not like you had any to begin with." Akushi and the imps walked out as the machine turned on. Cynthia watched a white beam form around the centre and it hit her. A white aura formed around her. Cynthia couldn't see anything but white. Then she saw a black spear like projectile launched into her chest. It didn't cause any pain on impact but she then saw a fine line coming from it. A yellow electrical charge struck into her chest. She saw a violet light excreted from here chest. “So I do have this magic, too bad it's now gone."

Sergio jumped off of Douglas' shoulder. “Kage! Kage!" Sergio shook her but no reply came. “You idiot! She can't hear you! You need to destroy the machine!" Sergio looked up at the machine and lifted up his sword and slashed at the machine. It broke into a million pieces.

Cynthia woke up. The whiteness had vanished yet the spear was still in her chest. “Kagedorcha, what happened?" Sergio broke the clamps that held down her wrists. “I have no idea," she muttered as she pulled the spear out of her chest, “but you got here before any permanent damage was done, well, not quite." She groaned as she remembered what Akushi had done to her.

“He did what?!" Cynthia nodded and covered her face with her hands. “Yep, and he tried to put his tongue in my mouth, but I bit it." Enraged, Sergio took out his sword and it glowed even more. “I'll kill that bastard! How dare he try to french her!" “No allow me!" A black aura formed around her. “Kagedorcha! What was that?" Cynthia looked confused, then she saw it. “I'm not sure." Douglas came up and saw it. “It's your magic, it has awoken due to your hate towards Akushi."

“Let's go kick his ass!" Cynthia then realised that she didn't have to walk, the black aura made her levitate above the ground. “That normal?" Douglas nodded. “Since her power awakens from hate, she now only wants to destroy him, and the levitating is normal too, that's just something the shadowmancers could do." Cynthia nodded. “Come on, I need my revenge!" Cynthia then flew away towards where Akushi ran off to.

“However, since she won't rest until he's dead, that can lead her into trouble. Akushi would know if the machine's broken, it's probably just a trap for her." Sergio was shocked and ran after Cynthia. “Kagedorcha! Stop! It's a trap!" Douglas grabbed Sergio. “She won't notice you, you're going to need to use this." Douglas took out something, it was the mirror! “You must summon one of Kagedorcha's forms, but you need to point the crystal at her." Sergio nodded and took the mirror, then he ran after Cynthia yet again.

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