Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


8. 7

Cynthia woke up. She looked around her. She couldn't see much but it looked like she was in the back of a van. As she tried to stand up she remembered her injury and she fell back down again. “Hello?" She waited a reply but there was nothing. “Is anyone else here?" She then saw a figure behind her. She turned around and saw that it was the shape of a boy. He opened his eyes to reveal that they were bright blue, Cynthia knew those eyes all too well.

“Sergio! You're here! But why?" Sergio looked up at her. “Kagedorcha, I lost a fight," Sergio looked down, “I have failed you." Cynthia tried to smile at him to reassure him. “It's okay, I couldn't have protected myself from them. It's my fault…" Cynthia edged away from him and she had remembered that night. The countless imps in the sky, their purple skin and red eyes along with their sadistic grins. She remembered as they surrounded her around the tree, that they had taken her while others claimed to be waiting for “the other one" she knew they meant Sergio.

“We're both in some serious trouble." Sergio sighed. “Hate to admit it, but you're right." Sergio then felt a sharp pain at the back of his head and he swore under his breath as he held himself on his injury. “It was that fucker Douglas, he threw me against that tree and I'm sure I'll have concussion or something from it." Cynthia came back to him and tried to help. “Get back Kage! You'll only make it worse." Sergio took his hand away to reveal that it was covered in blood. “Ugh! This doesn't look good at all."

“We can't just give up like this!" Sergio shrugged at Cynthia's comment. “What can we do? They took out only methods of attack, we're basically like wolves without their fangs." He sighed again. “Merith was right, I couldn't carry out this mission alone, and I let everyone down."

“I can't just let you give up, not after all we've been through." Sergio laughed a little. Cynthia was shocked to find that this wasn't the smart and cocky laugh he'd tease her with, it was softer and more hopeless than anything. “I don't want to either Kagedorcha, I'll try to figure something out. I promise." The van bumped and Cynthia fell into Sergio's arms. Only now had Cynthia seen how much he really cared about her, and it was the last time she believed she'd ever see him. He surely die.

With this realisation in her mind, Cynthia held Sergio close to her. He will be killed, and she will soon follow. “When we were at school, why did you disguise yourself as James?" Sergio sighed. “I couldn't let them see who I really was, I'd have girls looking at me and squealing whenever I'd pass by." Cynthia frowned a little. “Yeah, I was never really the modest type, I insisted that I was to take the mission alone, but Merith joined because she said that she knew I wouldn't make it, I guess she was right."

“Let's not think about that please," Cynthia looked up at him with her deformed eyes. “Let's cherish the last of the time we have now." Sergio laughed, this one wasn't like his original laugh but not like the last one, it was more caring and sweet. This was nothing at all like the Sergio she's known before, like a whole new side of him opened up. “Had no idea you cared about me." Cynthia was as surprised as him. She wondered why she felt this way too. Does she really have those feelings towards him? Why hasn't she felt this way before?

Suddenly the back door open. “Time for you two to split up! The master wishes to see Kagedorcha." Lucifer came in and grabbed Cynthia. Cynthia didn't want to leave and gripped onto Sergio. “Now don't be difficult Kagedorcha, you don't want to see me angry." Cynthia didn't take him any notice and clung onto Sergio's shoulders. Lucifer growled and thumped his fist on Cynthia's injured leg. Cynthia squealed and her arms went down to grasp her leg. Lucifer than dragged Cynthia out. Cynthia then screamed to try and get him off her. “You seemed tired, allow me to assist you darling." With that she was out.

Cynthia then woke up tied to a chair. She jotted her eyes around the room looking for something. The room was completely crimson, the walls to the floor and even the ceiling blended together. She saw no one. She then noticed her hat was gone. “Sorry about Lucifer knocking you out, he can be quite violent." Cynthia felt two hands on her shoulders. She looked up and saw someone looking down on her.

This was a tall man. He had white hair and bright red eyes and dark skin and he was grinning at Cynthia that made her feel uncomfortable. “So you're the infamous Kagedorcha, final member of the Scathanna family. You're kinda cute." She started to sweat nervously at this grown man talking like that to her, a sixteen year old girl. “You look a little tense." He knelt down and stroked her arms. “I hope this doesn't go where I think it's going." Cynthia thought to herself. “Allow me to reassure that I would never do anything quite ghastly and barbaric." Cynthia was shocked that he responded to something she was thinking of. “Yes darling, I am a mind reader, I can tell your inner thoughts and I can read your mind." He ran his hands through her hair.

“Get your hands off me you twat!" Cynthia thought. The man laughed. “You're quite a naughty girl so you are." He let go of her and walked in front of her so she was facing him. “But I like bad girls." Cynthia scowled. “Are you sure you're not trying to rape me?" He laughed. “I consider myself a gentleman, I'd never do something like that, I'd have to convince you first." Cynthia was appalled by what he had said. “You take that back!" He laughed again and bowed. “Forgive me as I have been so blinded by your body that I've forgotten to introduce myself, my name is Akushi, Akushi Scrios."

This was the guy that Cynthia had heard about all along, this sleazy scumbag was the one after her magic. “I know your after my magic Scrios!" Akushi grinned. “You seem to also be fairly smart," he walked towards her again and held her face up to brush her fringe out of her black eye, “you were your father's little girl, too bad these are in the way," he took off her glasses and Cynthia could only make out a blurry outline of his body, “they do seem to mask your beauty." “Give them back! I can't see a thing!" Akushi sighed and placed them back over her eyes. “Ugh, on second thoughts, without them on at least I can't see you."

“It doesn't have to be this way Kage, we don't have to be enemies." Cynthia rolled her eyes. “Who'd not despise you?" Akushi only laughed again. It was getting on Cynthia's nerves. “Why do you have me in this weird room?" Akushi ran his hands down her face. “So no one can hear you scream, expect me of course." Akushi grinned in a manner that made Cynthia's heart beat so fast she thought it was gonna burst. He was scaring her, he had her in a position where he could do anything he wanted with her and he was fully aware.

“I hope you don't mind, but I find it most amusing when my prisoners are at their most helpless." Cynthia bit her tongue in rage. “Fuck off!" Akushi dropped her face like it was red hot. The walked away from her for a few seconds with his back turned. Then suddenly he picked up a dagger and waltzed over to behind her quickly like he was flying. He knelt behind her again, pulled her chair back and placed the dagger in front of her throat. “I'd watch my mouth, or in your case mind if I were you young lady," he whispered into her ear, it almost sounded like a hiss, “I can kill you anytime I want, I'm only stalling because you're hot, but that doesn't mean I won't kill you, now let me have my moment."

He took the dagger away from Cynthia's throat and snapped his fingers. The ropes that bound suddenly became much tighter, they felt like they were slicing into her skin, despite her jacket being in the way, the ropes felt like wires. “Impressed? These ropes are magic, they do as I please, and they can't be cut." Cynthia bit her tongue again. “How convenient." Akushi laughed joyously. “I know right! At least that means you can't escape and I have you all to myself!" Cynthia didn't like what he said at all. “You may act as if you're something to be praised with your hoard of imps at your side, but you're just a giant pervert!"

Akushi sighed and snapped his fingers. The ropes became tighter still and Cynthia yelped a little bit. “I thought you were meant to be smart, I'd think you'd have learned to shut up by now. Wanna know why I'm praised? Because they never know my true intentions, the only ones to do so are smartasses like you, and soon enough you'll see why speaking ill of my name is the biggest mistake you've ever made." Cynthia was about to reply but Akushi covered her mouth shushing her. “How about no, I think I've heard enough from you for now." Akushi took out a roll of duct tape. “Any last words?"

Cynthia bit her lip. “Yes, you're nothing but a disgusting-" “Too late! My self esteem can only take so many blows." Akushi whooshed behind Cynthia and covered her mouth with the duct tape. Enraged by this, Cynthia tried screaming constantly, but only managed to make muffled sounds. “Such a shame too, we could have had so much fun, but you had to go ahead and ruin it," Akushi knelt before her. Cynthia was confused with this sudden hesitation. Then Akushi lifted his head up again and placed both his hands on her legs.

He stroked up and down both legs, but when he did so to her right leg Cynthia squeezed her eyes shut. “Oh, your right leg, is there a problem?" Cynthia nodded. “Does it hurt when I touch it?" “Hah, it hurts me traumatically whenever you touch me anywhere!" Cynthia thought to herself. “Have you forgotten I'm a mind reader?" He grasped her right leg and gripped it tightly making her shake all over from the pain.

Finding it funny, Akushi did it continuously just to see her get hurt. “You fucking sadist!" Akushi only giggled at her mind comment and set her down. “This is way more fun that I'd think, honestly, I don't even want to kill you anymore, I'd just love to keep you in here and just torture you whenever I feel tense, alas my fair lady, the show must go on, but I'll let you live afterwards, I promise."

He gripped her by her shoulders and stared into her eyes. “Today's the big day Kage! You're going to give me the power to become the most powerful Mage in all of the magic realm, the Gods will have no choice but to let me rule, anyone who objects will end up just, like, you!" Cynthia rolled her eyes. “Ah my darling, I reassure you that I'm not joking." He snapped his fingers and the ropes around her disappeared. Cynthia stood up abruptly, but her leg kept her seated again. She rubbed her sore arms from the rope and tore the tape off her mouth. She was about the make her escape when he clutched her again.

“Hold on, we're not finished yet, I was just getting you off the chair." Akushi snapped his fingers again and a rope appeared around her arms, it squeezes her really tight so she could hardly breathe. “I can't trust you to be on your own without supervision." Akushi the took anothe rope that stuck out from the front and pulled her along like she was a dog on a leash. Cynthia hopped around on her one good leg like a pogo stick. “Come now Kagedorcha," he pulled her forward, “there's something I'd like you to meet."

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