Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


7. 6

The car drove through a forest. Then they reached a dead end. “End of the road guys, let's get out." Merith got out of the car and slammed the door. Sergio got out and opened the door for Cynthia. “You heard her, hurry up." Cynthia was confused. He was more friendly earlier and now he's back to being impatient and rude. Cynthia stepped out of the car. “Now what?" Merith walked over a small hill and bushes a bush out of the way.

There was a small cottage. It was yellow and had the paint peeling off and there was a broken green door. “In here." The two reluctantly walked in. “I've never been in this way before." Sergio Sid as he brushed away some spider's web that was on his shoulder. “I know, my grandfather build this portal himself, he was an amazing water Mage, but you might get a bit wet on the way over." Cynthia and Sergio exchanged glances and sighed. “Now or never." Sergio walked in. Cynthia was left alone for a few seconds before hoping in after them.

Cynthia then fell into a lake. “When she said that we'd get wet I had no idea that's what she meant by it." Cynthia looked up and saw Sergio was already out of the water and was wringing the water out of his long dark hair. “Jeez, is your hair not long enough?" Sergio glared and held out his hand in front of her. “Oh your hand, I'm so scared." Sergio frowned and slowly clenched his fist. The water began to get colder. Then Cynthia remembered what he was doing. “Wait stop!" It was already too late. Sergio had frozen the entire lake with her still inside it. Only her head and torso were out while her arms and legs were still inside the water.

Cynthia reached for the mirror inside her pocket. She held it out. “I summon the form of sly, Ella!" Cynthia flashed white and Ella was stuck in her position. “Jeez, is Kage unable to get out of this herself? Pathetic." Ella summoned her axe and pulled it up. The ice shattered and Ella leaped outbid the water. Sergio watched as the cat-suit wearing form went so high the sun silhouetted around her turning her black. Then Ella shot straight down towards Sergio with her axe blade ready to strike. Sergio held up his sword and its glow has blinded Ella and she missed him.

Ella flashed white and Cynthia returned. “Sorry Ella had attacked you like that, she has a bad temper." Sergio placed his sword back in it's hilt. “It's fine, maybe I was a bit rough with you." Cynthia nodded and brushed some of the ice out of her hair. “Well, maybe I shouldn't have insulted you." Sergio nodded and brushed through his hair. “Can't tell you how many people thought I was a girl from behind." Cynthia nodded.

“You all are done yet? We have places to be!" Merith peered out from a pile of bushes. The two nodded and walked on. Cynthia looked at Sergio as he walked onwards. He was oddly forgiving for her attacking him earlier. “I nearly axed you, why are you so forgiving?" Sergio shrugged. “Ella did it, not you, besides, nothing I'm not used to." “What do you mean by that?" Sergio stopped and stared into space. “It's not important, let's move on."

Three imps watched over those two as they walked on. The first one leaned on his trident. “Jeez guys, I have a bad feeling about this. The protector is a strong young man, and the girl won't be easy to kidnap either." The second looked down on them once again. “Everyone has a weak point and they're no exception." The third one was taller and wore a red robe. “It's the material possessions that are in their grasp, the boy's sword and the girl's mirror, without it they're worthless. She still hasn't awaken her power and the boy can only activate his magic around water." The other two nodded. “So here's the plan!"

“Sergio, are you sure you can carry out the rest of this mission by yourself?" Sergio nodded. Merith sighed. “Well, in that case, I wish both of you the best of luck." With that Merith left. “Why'd she leave?" Sergio watched her leave and answered Cynthia. “Merith is an agent, she has other missions awaiting her, but we'll be fine, I work better alone. There is nothing but forest for the next three hours and it's getting late. I'd say we get some rest."

Sergio lay on the ground and was asleep in seconds. Although Cynthia wasn't used to that. She sat up against a tree, took her mirror out and decided to talk to her other forms. “Thanks a lot, Kagedorka! Now thanks to you I couldn't kill that bastard who trapped us in ice." Syren sighed. “Kagedorka? Oh Ella, that wasn't even clever, besides, we can't kill the boy, he's helping us out, and he's adorable!" Cynthia rolled her eyes. “Look, as much as I'd love to hear you two bicker on about Sergio all day, I need to know when I can awaken my magic." The two looked down and Syren decided to tell her. “Look Kage, we don't know, only you can awaken your own magic." Cynthia groaned. “Ugh! You always say that! Everyone always says that!" Ella sighed. “Hate to agree with her but she's right, for once." Annoyed Cynthia set down her mirror and, tried, to get some sleep.

A few hours later Sergio shook her awake. “Kagedorcha! I can't find it." Half awake, Cynthia opened her eyes. “What?" Sergio sighed and stood up. “My sword! It's gone! I can't find it anywhere! It's been stolen!" Cynthia slowly sat up and noticed something too. “I can't find my mirror!" She got up and looked around for it. She couldn't have misplaced it, the crystal would have shone in the dark. Sergio's sword would be glowing too. Sergio seemed to be freaking out. “At least your an ice Mage, so you have your ice as backup." Sergio ran his hands through his hair. “The thing is Kage, I'm not a complete ice Mage....."

“What?!" Sergio sighed. “I'm an ice Mage in training, but I can't use my magic without water, I'm really just a warrior who wanted to be more than just a typical soldier." Cynthia groaned. “That's just great, two mages that can't access their magic have lost their special items!" “Agreed, it is such a shame." Cynthia looked at Sergio but it wasn't him that said it. They both looked behind them and they saw three imps. Two were normal imps, but the one in the middle was the one that spoken, he was taller and wore a red robe.

“What do we have here? We have the Ice Knight Sergio, but he seems powerless, and the last of the Scathanna family, Kagedorcha, but she has nothing, I feel this mission will be easier than we've planned boys." Sergio seemed to know this guy. “Lucifer! I should've known you were behind this!" Cynthia was beyond surprised. This imp was named after the devil. “At least without your sword you aren't stupid my dear boy." He walked up to Sergio and ran his hands through his hair. “Let go of me you slimy bastard and give me back my sword!"

“If I did then we wouldn't complete our mission, besides, after you've betrayed us, it's nice to watch you suffer." Sergio lifted his head up and acted calm. “I didn't betray you, you were heading down a wrong path and I didn't want to become a part of it. I had no intention of joining Scrios." The imps laughed as they circled him. “Now that we no longer answer to you, we can do whatever we want with you, as a rewards for retrieving the girl." Cynthia stepped towards the three and Sergio. “I'm afraid I can't let you do that. I won't let you take me away or let you do anything to Sergio!"

The three than turned their attention towards the girl. “Oh, won't you?" They then walked slowly towards her as she backed away. Sergio picked up a rock and threw it at Lucifer's head. “Hey! You motherfuckers better not hurt her!" They then glanced at Sergio and Cynthia again. “What about it boys, who should we go after first?" The three discussed that and Cynthia ran up and held onto Sergio's arm. Sergio didn't let go. “Why'd you do that Sergio? Now we're all in trouble!" Sergio looked down. “Me and Lucifer have been rivals for many years, to threaten each other is normal, but not like this."

“I have an idea, Sergio, why don't we run for it?" Sergio smiled and nodded. “C'mon, let's do it." The two then ran for it. The imps then heard them. “They're getting away!" The second imp called. Lucifer grinned. “They must have underestimated our imp count, we'll give them so many that they can't count!" Lucifer made a signal call that sounded similar to a mouse scream amplified to the volume of speakers at full blast.

“What's that?" Sergio grabbed Cynthia by the arm. “Don't look back, just keep running." Cynthia nodded and sprinted as fast as she could. Sergio then saw a giant hoard of imps in the sky. They covered the navy sky with grey clouds to purple with red specks. “Listen, we need to split up, it'll be harder for them to find us. We'll meet once we get out of this forest."

Cynthia nodded and ran to the left. She then saw the sky full of imps. They were gaining on her so she ran faster. She was getting tired and her legs were starting to tire. She closed her eyes for a few seconds to try to block out the pain. She tripped. She fell. She looked behind her and she saw a tree root that tripped her. “Perfect." Cynthia muttered to herself. She tried to stand but had trouble running. It seemed that tripping has sprained her ankle.

“Oh for fucks sake!" Did she really have to fall when she needed her legs most? She stood up against a tree. There were imps everywhere. They circled her and she couldn't fight physically due to her injury. There were too many of them. “C'mon magic! Awaken!" Cynthia muttered, but no magic came out.

Sergio was running through. “I hope she made it." Then he saw a bunch of the imps retreating. “That can't be good." Then Sergio found out the only possible truth. “Kagedorcha!" Sergio ran back to try to get her. Then Lucifer landed behind him. “The girl is now in our captivity, but there's one more issue we have, she's going to be a bit lonely on the way over."

“I will fight, no weapons and no magic, if I win we both go free." Lucifer smirked. “However if you lose, both of you are coming with us." Sergio nodded. “Show me your best!" Lucifer shook his head. “You won't be facing me, I chose a different competitor." Sergio heard someone behind him. He turned and found a giant man. Thai man wore a brown cap over his head, wore a black jacket and army trousers and he carried a huge shotgun. “I present my champion, earth Mage and gunner, Douglas." Douglas went up to face Sergio. “Ready to fight little man?" Sergio had a slight fear of this giant man but he instantly banished it. “Yeah!"

“We I hear we're in for a fist fight." Douglas brought up his fists the size of boulders. Sergio sighed. “You're right." Douglas sneered at the short boy with the long hair. “I'll have fun pounding out Rapunzel here." Sergio frowned. “We'll see about that!" Douglas was intrigued by his threat. He picked up Sergio by his hair. Annoyed by his taunt, Sergio constantly punched Douglas in the chest. Douglas laughed as Sergio's attacks did nothing. “You poor little lady, might as well put you out of your misery." Douglas then flung Sergio by his head and he crashed into a tree. He had knocked his head and only had his eyes half open.

“Consider this a loss." Douglas took out his gun and aimed at Sergio who was paralysed from the blow. “Douglas," Lucifer called, “we want him alive." Douglas sighed. “Alright boss, I'll just gas him so he'll go to sleep." Lucifer nodded as Douglas changed the tank on the gun and pulled the trigger. Sergio couldn't prevent the green smoke linger around him. He couldn't stop his eyes from drooping and everything went black.

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