Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


6. 5

“So where do you plan on taking Kage anyway? With him looking for her is there really anywhere safe?" Sergio asked Merith as she drove along. “There's a place, it's called The I.F.O.M.W.R.A." Sergio glared at her and Merith sighed. “The Institute For Orphaned Mages With Rare Abilities. I just figured she'd be safe there, but it's a long journey. Near the ends of the realm." Sergio nodded. Cynthia heard them over her music. “How convenient," she muttered, “so I'm just being transferred? Great, I'm being placed from one home to another like I'm just some cargo."

It was two hours into the journey and Cynthia was hungry, she felt like her stomach was about to eat itself out of desperation. Cynthia sighed. “Can we stop somewhere to eat?" Merith looked at the map. “There's a town nearby with a café, I admit, I'll need to eat something or I'd go insane." Merith then drove into the next town.

The café was small and mostly empty due to the town being small and most people were either at school or on their way to work. Cynthia remembered her mirror and asked where the bathroom was. Cynthia walked into the deserted bathroom. There was a mirror there so she looked into it for a while hoping that Syren would answer, she didn't, but someone else did. A girl with the same purple hair answered but she looked a lot different.

She had her purple hair into a long side braid that went all the way down to her legs, she wore sunglasses behind her yellow eyes, she wore a black catsuit with a red stripe coming all across from either side and she wore black runners. “Are you Ella." Ella nodded and smirked. “Course, who else were you expecting? Syren?"

Cynthia nodded and Ella laughed. “Oh c'mon, we'll have a rocking time together, you me and maybe Syren if she feels like it, though that's not usually the case, fight like cats and dogs, we do." Cynthia took the mirror out and showed it to Ella. “Syren recommended that I took a handheld mirror with me at all times, why is that?" Ella looked at the mirror. “So you can summon is of course, but it needs a little modifying if you it's going to be a summoners mirror, let me take that!" Ella then took the handheld mirror into the mirror with her, then seconds later threw it back out." Cynthia caught it and noticed some strange details on the mirror. There were streaks of red on the sides and there was some sort of circle drawn out at the back and contained some sort of crystal.

“There ya go Kage, to use it just hold it in front of you and state. “I summon the form of sly, Ella or I summon the firm of deception, Syren, depending on the way you must battle. I'm a very fast attacker and have a huge amount of stealth going for me, even when I'm carrying this." Ella took out a giant two sides axe. It was completely black expect the ends on the blades that were silver. “You can also talk to us on the mirror, it'll be so much fun! Well, you better be going." With that Ella disappeared and Cynthia was left with her own reflection.

Cynthia walked back out and met with Merith and Sergio. Sergio saw the mirror and snatched it. “What happened this looked different to when I last saw it," he then realised something, “you're a summoner aren't you?" Cynthia sighed and nodded. “It's the crystal that have it away, the summoners crystal, but every summoner has a different way of summoning." Cynthia honestly wasn't at all interested in what he had to say, she already knew if so she didn't have to be lectured by this know-it-all.

After they've finished eating, the three set out in the car once again. Two more hours of driving till they reach the magic realm. “How is it that you can travel to and from this realm and no one knows about it?" Sergio looked back at Cynthia who was lying down in the back seats. “Simple, we place the gates where no one would venture. Like somewhere abandoned, or at the ocean floor, or even in a cave where no one enters because we spread myths about killer bears." Merith laughed. “I still can't believe they fell for that one."

“What's so special about this realm anyway? Besides the population of Mages." Sergio thought about that for a moment. “Well, nothing else really, it's just where the Mages can use and practice their magic without the fear of being found out by mortals." Cynthia then looked at the mirror. “When will I be able to use my actual magic? My Shadowmancing abilities?" Sergio shrugged. “I haven't a clue, I'm not a shadowmancer Kage." Cynthia then sat up and crossed her arms. “Don't call me that!"

“Kage? That is your name, Kagedorcha." Cynthia scowled and shook her head. “No! I'm Cynthia! When I lived with Amy I've been referred to as Cynthia, even before then I was referred to as Cynthia. My name isn't Kagedorcha, my name is Cynthia!" Sergio smiled and laughed. “Well, they're wrong, you're wrong, Kagedorcha!" “Bullshit! If my name was really Kagedorcha I wouldn't be called Cynthia for eight years of my life!" Sergio rolled his eyes. “What about the first eight years?" Cynthia then hesitated. “I can't remember the first eight years of my life."

“We know? As you were brought to the mortal realm at the age of eight, you had your memory wiped clean so you wouldn't come back as at the time all shadowmancers were in danger, but now it's vital that Kagedorcha will return to her native realm, to protect the mortal realm from those who seek her." Merith recalled. “We told you this before Kage, please don't be difficult." Sergio looked over at her. “Yeah, cause it's not like I wanted to help you anyway. It's just our duty, I've just been hired. Lucky for us, after this you'll probably never have to see me again."

“I'll be looking forward to it!" Cynthia then lay down again and fell asleep. As she was asleep Sergio discussed her with Merith. “So all we have to do is drop her off and that's the last I'll have to see of her?" Merith nodded. “Although, if anything happens to her within 24 hours of her arrival of The I.F.O.M.W.R.A, we could be held responsible. Like if they come and take her away." Sergio rested his head on the palm of his hand. “Honestly, the pay we're getting isn't near enough, she's so irritating." Merith looked back at her asleep. “If you woke up one day and realised you were a rare Mage with people after her, you'd act similar." Sergio blew hair out of his face. “I don't see much of a threat, no ones come to attack…"

Suddenly the car stared to shake. “Sergio, something's on the roof, go out and get it off." “Are you insane?!" Merith shook her head. Sergio sighed, picked up his sword and opened the car door. “Do you really have to be driving while this is happening?" Merith glared at him. Sergio sighed and climbed onto the roof. He saw the silhouette of a being with wings shaking the car. It was the size of a toddler and had nothing on, it had small horns coming from his head and carried a small trident, an imp! It turned and shows its bright red eyes. He's been spotted. The imp stared at Sergio for a second and then saw Sergio's bright blue blade on his sword as a threat. He swung his tail that hit Sergio in the face. Annoyed Sergio flailed his sword chopping the tail clean off. Blood spilled onto the roof of the car. Enraged the imp whacked Sergio, he lost his balance and hung off the edge of the car roof. The car was driving near a cliff top, if Sergio was to let go it'd mean ultimate disaster.

Cynthia woke up and heard the commotion on the roof. She then saw Sergio hanging off the roof of the car. Startled she gripped the mirror. Who to release? She then remembered red wings coming from Syren's back. She held the mirror in front of her. “I summon the form of deception, Syren!" A white light came around Cynthia. She changed. “Kage? Are you going out there too?"

Syren looked around her, she was no longer in the mirror and Cynthia was nowhere to be seen. “Yes Merith, I must save Sergio from ultimate doom!" Merith was suspicious, that voice was higher and less brash than Cynthia's normal voice. Syren opened the car door and flew out. The tiny red wings on her back flapped so quick they became a blur. She spotted Sergio.

The imp laughed as Sergio struggled to get up. “It's no use child, soon, that girl will be ours, and everyone will know the name of Scrios!" The imp grabbed Sergio by the arms and flung him off. Sergio plummeted towards the ground, but instead of smashing to the ground the was brought back up. He looked up and saw a girl wearing a black dress with red wings was holding him and bringing him back up. She then landed him back on the roof of the car. “Hey, you ugly purple gargoyle! I'm not done with you yet!" The imp turned and saw Sergio was standing behind him, sword out ready to attack. “How'd you get back up?! This is impossible!"

“I wouldn't think so darling!" Syren landed on the car and brushed her long purple hair out of her face revealing her blue eyes. The imp was immobilised by her beauty. “Why, who is this beautiful angel?" Sergio looked at Syren. “What's what I'd like to know." Syren winked. “The names Syren, the deceiver, and this imp has met his last day!" She summoned two Chinese machetes with red and black hilts and ran past the imp slicing off his wings in progress. Sergio then kicked the imp off the car and he fell off the cliff, but there was no deceiver to catch him.

Sergio stood on the roof just looking at Syren. “So Kagedorcha, she is really a summoner." Syren nodded. “Glad I could help you!" Then a white light flashed around her and Syren disappeared, leaving Cynthia behind in her place. “It seems you're a different kind of summoner." Sergio took Cynthia by the hand and let her back in the car.

“It was an imp, said that he as looking for the girl." Sergio explained to Merith. “Those damn no good imps, they're working for Scrios right!" Sergio nodded. “That's what he said." Merith sighed. “They're the ones looking for Kagedorcha, now they know that it's us that's looking after her, things are only gonna get harder in the magic realm, I know it's not the last imp he'll send, he wouldn't be a threat if that wasn't the case."

Merith had to stop to fill up the car with diesel. As she left Cynthia asked Sergio. “What did you mean by I was a ‘different' kind of summoner." Sergio looked at her. “Most summoners just summon their units out to fight alongside them, you on the other hand, they take over your body and you become them, almost like their more of a form, but that wouldn't make you a regular summoner, it'd make you something unique." “Do all summoners use mirrors? If not how'd you know that I was one by looking at it." Sergio picked up the mirror and pointed at the crystal.

“This! This is the summoner's crystal. No summoner has ever needed to use a mirror before, usually it's a locket or bracelet, but a mirror? That's not it, maybe it's because your forms aren't living beings but they're a part of you, only you can contact them and they have no other life than being your form." Cynthia took the mirror back and looked at the crystal. “Sounds complicated." Sergio held his arms behind his head. “So is all magic, but you'll get used to it, I thought that being a warrior was difficult until I got the hang of it." Sergio wiped the blood of his shiny blue blade. “I hope no one sees me doing this or we'll be in big trouble."

“How does your sword glow like that? Most swords have grey blades." Sergio sighed and looked at his sword. “This used to be just a rusty old blade, that's how I started out, but as I trained on and became a better warrior it grew and the blade shine more. Then one day it was shot by a jet of ice, the whole area went a bright blue, that jet of ice was mine, now it's my ice blade, it'll never melt."

Cynthia looked at the glowing blue blade and the golden hilt and tried to imagine it as a rusty old sword. “These blood stains are preventing it from shining, it just doesn't attack the same way when dirty, it's usually able to not get stained, but when it's just one enemy there's a difference. I can face a whole hoard of imps and get away with a clean blade, but one enemy attacking can hinder its use, it's not made for targeting. It's made for sweeping tens or hundreds."

Cynthia sat back down and left Sergio to clean the blood off his sword. “We're not far from the realm now are we?" Merith heard her and answered as she got back into the car. “Another 45 minutes to go. Hold on okay!" With that the car drove off. Cynthia looked in the mirror and saw Syren. “Thanks for helping Sergio back there." Syren winked and grinned and the car drove on through the day.

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