Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


5. 4

“Here's the plan, you'll go back to the house, be sure to act as casual about it as humanly possible. Then I will come and claim that I'm related to you and I'm here to collect you, we've got legal documents and everything, and we'll pick you up in the morning." Cynthia nodded along with Sergio and they dropped her not too far away from the house and she walked back.

Around two hours later, Amy heard a doorbell. She opened it to find a strange figure. The person had long black hair but the ends were a blue colour, wore a black shirt with a navy tie, had black trousers and navy shoes and deep blue eyes. “Can I help you ma'am?" Sergio was taken back for a second. “I'd like to first inform miss that I am a man." Amy blushed severely and covered her mouth. “Oh I'm so sorry." Sergio tried to remain serious. “May I come in?" Amy nodded and led him inside.

“So what's your business?" Sergio sat down on one of the wooden chairs. “I come bearing news regarding one of the girls who are in your foster care, Cynthia." Amy wondered what the news was. “She hasn't been causing trouble, has she?" Sergio shook his head. “I assure you that she has done nothing wrong, no, I'm here to collect her." Amy blinked twice. “What do you mean?" Sergio thought but didn't want to hesitate. “You see miss, my name is Sergio, I am her cousin, and I've been brought here to collect her as she'll be staying with her aunt and uncle until her parents come back." Amy pondered on this thought. “Really? Do you have legal proof?" Sergio nodded and showed the files he had forged on his computer.

Cynthia was in her room trying to clear her head. She had to deal with two hours of . “Do you like him?" “You love him!" and “When's the wedding." If Sergio isn't lying about her magic then she'd love to use it on Candy. She lay down on her bed as she'd always do. But maybe it'd be the last time. It'd definitely feel different not waking up to these girls she has known for nearly years. Waking up without Candy toying with her, Rose wouldn't be teasing her, Violet won't be clinging onto her, Lily won't whimper and be scared of her. Who knows, maybe they'll have something better to do. Then she heard the door close and Amy walked upstairs.

“So good news I guess, you're, well he told me that he was your cousin, said he's here to pick you up tomorrow. Cool, right?" Cynthia nodded. “Yeah I guess so." Amy sighed. “I'm going to miss you kid." Cynthia thought to herself. She must say it! “I'll miss you too." Yes! She finally did it! It only took four years! Yet Cynthia still wondered why it took so long for her to do so.

Cynthia then walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her black eye shimmered under her fringe. Like Merith and Sergio's eyes. She look down to grab a hairbrush and looked back up and got a huge shock. There was someone else in the mirror, well, she looked like Cynthia but had different features. Her hair was the same colour but was much longer and straight and was held at the front with a red hair band. She wore a black dress, had black gloves that ran up to her elbow, wore red tights and no shoes. She still had the sand coloured skin, but her eyes were different. Both were the purest blue like sapphires and she wore no glasses. This girl was beautiful beyond all belief. “Who are you?"

The girl in the mirror giggled. “I'm you silly, I'm Kagedorcha's deceiver form." Cynthia blinked confused. “Form?" The girl nodded. “Every Mage has something other than their signature magic that makes them different, like Sergio being a swordsman and Merith being a healer, but as you're a rare Mage, you're signature power is much more than theirs, you have three forms, there's yourself, the default form, you're the one in charge and can control us, you can fight using magic, there's me, the Deceiver form, I'm pretty and cute and I distract my enemies so they're attack isn't as power and I fight using these," the girl took out two long bladed machetes with a red hilt. “Then there's your, other one, you haven't met her yet, but you will."

“So I'm really a Mage? Those two weren't kidding?" The girl nodded. “It's true, you need to go with them, but there are a few things you need to know." Cynthia nodded listening. “One! If you want your alternate forms to stay loyal, you must be polite and always go by them as they're name, to make things easier I'll tell you ours, I'm Syren, and the other one is called Ella. Two, while your in the magic realm, you must go by your REAL name." Cynthia blinked. “I'm Cynthia." Syren shook her head. “Afraid not, you'll will be called by your real name, Kagedorcha. Or me and Ella can call you Kage as a nickname! It sounds kinda cute!"

“Three! While there, you must awaken your power." Cynthia had no idea what she had said. “Awaken my power? What is that supposed to mean? How does one awaken their power?" Syren shrugged. “Every Mage goes through it I can't help you with that one, I'm just an alternative form of yourself. Bye!" With that Stren disappeared leaving Cynthia staring at her own reflection. She decided to get some sleep before tomorrow.

The next morning Cynthia woke up and got out of her bed for the last time. She slid out of the top bunk and threw on her jacket. She made sure not to wake Lily. She took out a her navy backpack and placed some stuff in. She placed some stuff she found mandatory, then she paused when she remembered the mirror in the bathroom. If she could bring a mirror she could locate Syren. She remembered the hundreds of mirrors that Candy kept in her room.

Cynthia quietly opened the door and the door made a silent creak. Cynthia peered in. Luckily the sleeping princess stayed dormant. She silently crept in. Looking for the shelf which she keeps her mirrors. She opened it and checked the bottom of it for the black handheld mirror that she hadn't used in years. It was caked in dust. She picked it up and took it out. While leaving she was then covered in a shadow. She looked up and saw Aria towering over her. Cynthia forgot that she was sleeping with Candy.

“What are you doing?" Cynthia looked straight up to see her face, she wasn't mad, but she looked extremely tired. “I'm just taking this, she had thousands, she won't miss it." Aria closed the shelf behind Cynthia. “It's too bad your leaving, I never got the time to know you." Cynthia nodded. “In all fairness, you wouldn't have wanted to know me." With that Cynthia left the room.

Then she heard the doorbell ring. Cynthia grabbed her bag and walked downstairs. She opened the door and there was Sergio. “Hey Kagedorcha! Are you ready to go?" Cynthia nodded and lifted her bag onto her back. “Yep!" She got into the back of Merith and Sergio's black car. It didn't have a model or brand. It was just pure black. Sergio sat in the front seat with Merith and Cynthia sat in the back seat.

“How far is the magic realm from here?" Merith started the car. “Around 4 hours. It'll be a long journey." Cynthia took out her headphones and plugged in her phone. She also took out the mirror and swept the dust off it. “Sergio, is it true that every Mage has a signature power that only they posses." Sergio nodded. “Yes, and the rarer the Mage the more powerful that signature magic is."

“What is your signature magic?" Cynthia continued to wipe the dust off the mirror. “I can't really put it into words yet, but it's definitely a strange one." Merith nodded. “Sergio, make a call to the magic realm, the gatekeepers need to know about the new Mage coming back. Sergio nodded and took out his phone. “This is Sergio Oighear, I'm here report the arrival of a new Mage, and her name is Kagedorcha."

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