Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


4. 3

“Merith, I say we abort the mission, this girl is a lost cause, I doubt she's even aware that she's a…" Sergio stopped talking as people walked past. When they were gone he heard a reply from his friend Merith. “I'm aware how hard this may seem for you, I felt the same on my first mission, but a true agent never gives up." “Merith, I'm a Mage, not an agent, I can't just James Bond my way through." He heard Merith sigh through the line. “If you want I can come and help."

“No! I told you that I can do this by myself." Merith laughed, she seemed to have given him the motivation he needed. “So have the girl at our place by the end of the school day, then we'll tell her." Sergio nodded and hung up the phone. “Now to find this girl." He placed back on his James disguise and went to find Cynthia.

“So, heard the new kid James likes you!" Candy skipped beside Cynthia in a manner that make Cynthia want to puke. “No, he's just asking if I could help him round the school that's all." Candy giggles in an obnoxiously innocent way. “It's just gonna be you and James, by yourselves, unless your shadow interrupts." Candy then skipped off laughing like she has heard the funniest thing ever.

“So there's the ins and outs of the school, if you have any questions don't bother because I won't try to answer them." Cynthia said as she stopped walking with James trailing behind her. “Um, Cynthia, there's something I need to tell you." “Fire away, just don't say you like me." “Cynthia, I'm your cousin."

Cynthia turned her head and just stared. “Right, and I'm the niece of Carmen Sandiego." James looked down. “Cynthia, I mean it." Cynthia rolled her eyes at him. “Fine, what is my surname?" Sergio paused but then remembered. “You're surname is Scathanna." Cynthia cracked a smile. “That won't just prove it." James sighed. “What if I was to tell you that I knew who your parents were?" Cynthia seemed slightly intrigued. “How can you give me that information?" Sergio pretended to think of something and smiled under his disguise. “Could you come to my house at the end of the school day?"

Cynthia had time to think. She just met this guy that day, she shouldn't trust him, but he could know about her parents, and even hanging with him would be better than hanging out with Candy, Rose or new girl Aria. “Okay, we'll get off at the same bus stop after school, and I'll walk home when we're done at your house." James nodded and Cynthia walked away. Sergio removed his disguise as he phone rang. “Merith, quick update, we got her to come over after school, be sure to get the house ready, we have a visitor.

“Let me get this straight, you're going over to see this kid you just met that day?" Violet was alarmed. “Let her be, at least she's going to meet someone." Rose sat back with her arms behind her head. “At least the house will feel less grundy." The others giggled except Aria. James climbed onto the bus. “Hi Cynthia, you ready?" Cynthia silently nodded. Candy laughed her ass off. Cynthia threw a book at Candy. “Bummer, I guess I won't be doing my Geography homework tonight." James sat there wide eyed as Cynthia sat back down.

“I'm so glad that I brought a friend home. I can prove to big sister Merith that I can get a girl over." James said as the got off the bus. “Hold on Casanova, I ain't your girlfriend! Do don't go proving nothing to your sister." James laughed and blushed a little. He opened the door for her and there stood a tall lady. She had blue hair that ran down her back, a blue dress and s gold headband. She too had those piercing blue eyes that just stared. “Hey Merith, this is Cynthia, my new friend!"

Merith smiled. “You're a pretty young lady aren't you?" Cynthia sniggered, the last word she'd use to describe herself was pretty. “Well, you better come in now, it's meant to be lashing rain." Cynthia looked behind her. “How come the weather is," suddenly rain poured down heavy, “great....." There was something suspicious about Merith, James too. “C'mon Cynthia, don't want to get wet." Cynthia reluctantly walked with James into the house.

Merith stood by the door. “You're surname is Scathanna, right?" Cynthia was confused. James knowing it she could buy, but she barely knew Merith so how would she know? “Um… yeah, but how did you know?" Merith smiled and walked away from the door. “I know a lot more about you than you'd think… Kage." Cynthia walked backwards. “Who's Kage?" Merith sighed. “James, could you leave the room for a moment, there's something I need to tell your friend." James pretended to act confused, but Cynthia knew full well that he knew about it too. “Kage was the nickname your parents gave you, before they… you know." Cynthia was slightly nervous, Merith no longer sounded sweet, she sounded serious. “How do you know about…" Merith sighed. “Where we come from, we know a lot about your family."

Sergio has his disguise removed. It was time to tell her. Cynthia saw a tall boy walk in. He had pale skin, long dark hair and wore a black and blue jacket, but he had those eyes, this was James, or was he really called James. “My name is Sergio, I'm an ice Mage, me and Merith were sent to find you." Cynthia tried not to cave in to their fantasy. “Prove it!" Sergio smirked at her challenge. He saw a glass full of water on the table. He held his hand out and clenched his fist. Within seconds the water was completely frozen. Cynthia went from nervous to terrified, but she refused to show it. “Let me guess, Merith is a water Mage."

Merith smiled and nodded. “That's beside the point, the thing is Kage, we've come to get you!" That phrase disturbed Cynthia. “My name is Cynthia." Merith laughed and Sergio sniggered. “No it isn't, that's just the name you're parents gave you while you were here. No, you're real name is Kagedorcha!" Cynthia sighed and rolled her eyes. “Sure I am, and you've come to get me why?" Merith nudged Sergio to answer. “Well, you're a Mage too, in fact, you're a one of a kind Mage, as the last of the Scathanna family, you're the last Shadowmancer."

“Shadowmancer?" Cynthia wasn't believing any of this. “Shadowmancers are a rare magician that can control, well, shadows, but after the war the Scathanna family were the last of the shadowmancers, but, you're the last living member of that family, so you're the last one. They sent us to protect you." “Protect me? You must be shitting me. Why would I need protection?" Merith laughed nervously. “As you're the last ones left. Other masters of magic want your ability, it's really strong once mastered, an evil master wishes to kidnap you and extract your magic."

“Sure he is. If I really am some rare magician than prove it." Sergio looked at Cynthia. “Tell me, how long has your hair been purple?" Cynthia then stopped to think. “Longer than I could remember." Sergio nodded. “There are two factors that a shadowmancer has that you have too, first is naturally dark coloured hair, like grey, black or in your case, purple, the second is, the eyes, it's a genetic deformity that one of your eyes is pure black, regardless of the colour of your other eye." Sergio ran his hand through Cynthia's side fringe that covered her left eye. It was black. Annoyed, Cynthia smacked his hand away.

“Even if I am a shadowmancer, why should I trust you anyways? You could be a trap." Merith thought of a reason to be trusted, but Sergio interrupted. “If I worked for him, I wouldn't have talked to you and shoved you straight in the truck and you'd be dead within hours." Cynthia was slightly threatened but brushed it off. “How would you protect anyway?" Sergio smirked and revealed his blue sword. “We're more than just Mages, we're warriors. I'm an excellent swordsman. I can fend off anyone by myself." Merith rolled her eyes. “I am a water-bender, I can control water to attack, I can shoot jets of water or even if I need to, I can flood an entire area."

“Kage, we need to move to our place, we can only spend a limited time in your country before ‘he' comes to get us, causing a massive panic between the mortals to see magicians." Cynthia frowned. “One problem, I already live somewhere." “Kagedorcha, you won't be living with them much longer, now you belong to us." Cynthia walked backwards slowly. “Never say anything like that again, and I might go along with this."

Cynthia was thinking about what she was getting into. If these guys are legit, she'll never see any of the girls again. Candy, she'd love to leave forever, Rose would be a pleasure to leave, Violet, she won't mind too much, Lily can fend for herself for once, Aria she hates so leaving her is no issue, but Amy. Cynthia has no feelings for Amy for reasons she's unsure if, if she leaves then she'll never find out why, but Amy has other problems already without her, so if she leaves she'll be doing her a favour.

“Fine, I'll go." The two nodded and opened the door. Merith spun some keys on her finger. “Get in the car kids."

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