Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


3. 2

“Are any of y'all coming with me to pick up Aria?" Cynthia reluctantly came forward. “Sure, anything to get away from Candy for thirty minutes is fine by me." Amy sighed as she led Cynthia to the battered red ford that was ready to go. “Anyone else?" The other girls shook their heads, they had better things to do than pick up Aria.

The girls names seemed odd to Cynthia. Rose, Violet and Lily are flowers, candy is the American term for sweets, and from what Cynthia knew that's the opposite of what Candy had to offer her on a daily basis and Aria, Cynthia though hard, isn't that some sort of ballad? Well at least that one suited her. Aria was just some gothic girl who was always depressed about something.

As the car pulled up in front of the house where Aria was staying. Cynthia only looked out slightly to see the girl for herself. She was tall, very, she towered over Amy and even Rose! She had navy hair which she has to die once a month to prevent it from becoming grey, her eyes were of that colour, but more of a dull grey than normal grey eyes were. She wore complete black. Black hoodie, black jeans, black trainers, Cynthia would have guessed that she always wore a black bra and knickers too.

Aria slammed the door shut and groaned. “Why do you get the front seat? I'm the new girl here!" Cynthia only seen her for five seconds and she already hated her. “Too bad, I was here first therefore I shall sit where I please." She tried not to sound annoyed just to show how little she thought of this new girl. This wasn't the first time she saw Aria, she came by the house once to see if it was a suitable foster home, but Cynthia didn't talk to her, and she doesn't plan to do much talking when they got back to the house.

Then they did get back to the house however, Cynthia had to deal with five more of these. “Jeez, why you always gotta wear that hat? It's super tacky and looks so old fashioned. Shame, you had an opportunity to be pretty, but you wasted it, you'll never find a boyfriend… OW! Amy!" Cynthia walked away after punching Candy in the shoulder and slumped up to her room to do her homework,

“Did you hurt Candy?" Cynthia rolled her eyes. Although Lily was her favourite, many things still annoyed her, she always uses a lisp like she's four years old or something. Granted it was probably just a thing that they all go through after being abandoned, but it still drove Cynthia up the wall. She's eleven. “Yes, I did hurt Candy. So what?" Lily found her flat and almost proud response threatening. “Wouldn't that hurt her feelings?" Cynthia turned her back to the door. “I don't give a fuck about her feelings." The harsh tone as well as the swear word she snuck in made Lily step back a little. Lily was nice, but that almost scary innocence to her prevented Cynthia from loving her.

The next day was a Monday. Cynthia didn't mind school as much as the others. Well, at least she wouldn't rather eat herself to death like Candy would. They say down on the bus. Cynthia sat at the back but was immediately kicked out by Candy. “Look Candy I was here first so back off." “No way, the back seat has five seats, I need them because I'm actually popular and have friends, you don't have any friends besides your own shadow and she thinks your lame too and is only with you because she's attached to you, so move you sicko!" Frustrated Cynthia shoved Candy out of the way and moved towards the very front to get as far away as possible. “You can sit beside me!" Violet called but Cynthia took no notice.

On the house at another street, Sergio was getting ready. He made his normally long dark hair all curly and put on a pair of glasses. They'd no doubt mistake him for a nerd. He put on a plaid shirt and jeans. He sighed as he looked into the mirror at his altered appearance. “I just hope she's worth all the trouble." He sighed as he changed his voice from really low and confident to shy, he needed to sound like a guy going through puberty. Then the saw the bus. He sighed as he picked up his bag and walked out of the door.

Cynthia watched as the bus stopped somewhere. She was confused, the bus never stopped here before. “What's the deal?" The bus driver didn't look back and just said. “New kid." On climbed a boy around Cynthia's age. He had curly brown hair and black glasses, he wore a plaid shirt and navy jeans. He looked like your average nerd, but there were something about his eyes, they were a brilliant blue that sparked when you looked into them.

Sergio looked and saw her. The teenager with the purple hair, black hat, glasses and oddly coloured eyes. “Um, excuse me ma'am, is this seat free?" Cynthia looked at the new kid trying to sit beside her. “Why? Plenty of other seats, don't go saying you have a crush." Sergio was shocked by her quick and sassy response. “Well it's just that if I sit anywhere else besides the front I can get extreme motion sickness." Sergio laughed beneath his disguise. Making up lies for this fake kid was fun. Cynthia crossed her arms and looked out the window. “Fine, but don't be thinking you can hang round me."

Sergio bit his lip. “She's playin hard to get eh? I must make conversation!" He thought of something to say. “What's your name?" Cynthia looked at him for two seconds before turning her back again. “Cynthia. You?" She darted. Sergio was getting sick of her attitude. “I can tell by your tone of voice that your not interested in me, is they're anything wrong?" Cynthia smirked. “Listen new kid, don't flatter yourself, I talk like this to everyone. Now what was your name again?" Sergio thought. “If she's to change her name for the public then so shall I!" He thought for a name and then passed a store that read. ‘James' Pharmacy.' “Oh, me, my name is James." Cynthia sniggered. “There's a Pharmacy called James' Pharmacy, ever get teased for that?" Sergio, or James shrugged. “Not since my family moved here from England." So this kid was English? Made sense, he acted very mannerly.

“So this school? Is it any good." Cynthia shrugged. “Beats the shit out of me, I spend so much time by myself that I never even pay attention to my surroundings. Just because your here doesn't mean I'll change, I'll probably be this way forever." James was agitated by her. He knew that getting her to trust him would be hard so it'll take a while until he can tell her the big news.

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