Cynthia Scathanna always knew she was different to the other girls, but it wasn't until her long lost “cousin" find her and reveals her true identity, Kagedorcha! A magician with the ability to control shadows, also known as a shadowmancer, she's the last of the shadowmancer heritage which makes her a target for capture! So it's up to her and Sergio to escape to the safe place before it's too late!


2. 1

Cynthia Scathanna sat on the tattered sofa and bounced a ball against the wall. The other girls were out and so the foster home was deserted. “Come on down with us Cynthy," she hated that nickname with a passion, and they knew it, “maybe you can make friends with actual people instead of your own shadow." Annoyed, she stayed put while the others went out. She was sixteen now, no one would adopt her now, everyone goes nuts over cheerful babies it toddlers with big blue eyes, curly hair and bright red cheeks, not a sarcastic teenage girl with poker flat hair and eyes that are different colour, one grey and one black. Her skin was always the same sandy colour and she almost never smiled. “There's nothing to smile about when you're in this dump." Is what she'd say.

Cynthia was bored out of her mind. She'd lie upside down until she felt dizzy and her hat would slide off her head. She's flick through the television but nothing good seemed to be on except the boring news where suit wearing serious adults sat in a studio, precious dolled up women smiled and pointed at a green screen and reporters tried to keep their sanity while standing in a gale.

Then she heard the front door open and an annoying demon dressed as a sweet little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes steeped in, Candy. She was two years younger than Cynthia yet she was taller. Candy giggled that shine the light off her annoyingly perfect white teeth. She sat down beside Cynthia and snatched the remote. One click later and Cynthia was forced to watch this generic high school program. She groaned at the trash that people like Candy called “quality TV". She watched pretty blonde girls like Candy with annoying voices and stupidity that made you wonder if they were dropped on a pink and glittery floor on their heads when they were little. Their faces were caked in inches thick make up. Cynthia smirked at the thought of an extremely ugly girl behind all that make up.

“Turn off this shit." Candy at first took no notice, she was running her pale hands through her perfect butter hair and adjusting her baby blue shirt and pale pink skirt. “I said turn off this shit!" Cynthia threw a cushion that hit Candy in the face. “Careful! My nails are drying and you could have smudged them." Cynthia rolled her eyes and knew she was going nowhere with her so she slumped out of the sitting room and up the stairs.

Cynthia waltzed into her room. She shared a room with another girl named Lily, she was the youngest of the six girls. She was eleven, had pale blond, almost white hair, pale green eyes and had the palest skin she could be mistaken for a vampire. If all of the five that Cynthia had to put up with, Lily was her favourite, because she was quiet and usually left her alone. Lily was out with her friends so Cynthia has the room to herself. She climbed up to the top bunk where she lay down looking at the ceiling. The room's walls were a pale pink, Cynthia scowled, she hated the colour pink, she hated a lot of pale colours, but pink was the worst, so generic, so cliche, so… pink.

Cynthia heard the front door slam and she heard two pairs of footsteps walk through the hallway, she's been here so long to know that waking pattern. It was Rose and Violet, twins. Both eighteen, so as the oldest, they like to act like they're in charge. Two similar looking girls, both as different as could be. They died their hair the colour of they're namesake flowers. Roses are red, Violets are blue. Hah, violets are purple, those girls need to educate themselves, or actually look at the flowers. They're personalities were different too. Violet was a sympathetic and kind girl. Though what holds her back is that she can be annoying trying to find out everything. Never leaving her alone until she got an answer. Rose on the other hand, was a fiery no nonsense girl who didn't listen to anyone. Cynthia liked how she wasn't as friendly as her twin but she also hates how Rose likes to get under her skin. She'd make fun of her eyes, her hair being naturally purple or the fact that she's an introvert.

Rose hung from the doorframe and peeked in. She saw Cynthia lying down staring at the ceiling. “Maybe it's a good thing you didn't come, your fear of people would have made you go psycho." Cynthia ignored her and just blew hair out of her face. “Jeez Cynthy, your shadow'd be more fun than you." With that Rose left. Cynthia sighed as the glance of the brown eyed half of the flower twins left her be.

On cue the grey eyes half walked in to talk to her. “Don't listen to Rose okay?" Cynthia rolled her eyes. “Since when do I ever listen to her?" Violet looked concerned. As always Cynthia didn't like it. “You're getting to that age when some things that don't usually effect you will, so if you ever have a problem just tell me okay?" Cynthia beckoned for Violet to leave and she did so. Though she only had few minutes left in her solitude.

The door opened. Amy was home with Lily. Lily was a hard person for Cynthia to talk about. She tried hard not to hate her because she knows that she's trying her best to look after six girls even though she doesn't look that much older than them herself. She had blue caring eyes, hazel skin and nutty brown hair. She dresses like a young one yet she's twenty-nine. She has a steady job and has time for anyone, so why doesn't Cynthia like her that much? To be completely honest, Cynthia had no idea. She had a lot of good qualities and cared for everyone, but Cynthia can't conjure up a liking towards Amy. Maybe it's because Amy tries to paint herself as her parent or that she doesn't stop Candy or Rose from bothering her. Cynthia couldn't for the life of her know why.

“Tired?" Amy peered her head around the frame. Cynthia just shrugged. “Yeah sure whatever," Cynthia wanted to engage in conversation, maybe even compliment her but she just couldn't see herself doing so. “Afraid Aria won't be back till tomorrow." Cynthia sighed. “Why should I care?" Looking offended Amy then left. Cynthia bit her lip, she didn't want to say that. She wanted to say something sincere or ask why Aria couldn't come home, but she just couldn't say it.

Little did she know was that soon she will find out why.

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