Not a Fairytale

I used to always dreams of when I would have my princess moment. The one where my price would rescue me from all term and take me to a safe place, and there were would be together forever. Unfortunately for me, fairytales don't happen in real life. They are a myth; Not real no matter how much I wish they were.
At least that's what I thought before he came around.


1. Copyrighted © 2015


 Hi!. I just wanted to post this to see if you guys would like to read something like this, and if at least a couple do- I will write it!! I mean, I'll probably write it anyways because I'm a loser, but :3 

So unless I've already written things and published them, comment for me and let me know! Or if I can't delete this when I write the other chapter and like it's stuck on here.... if that's the case then just ignore every thing you just read :) 

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