A hidden world

I was running, my usual afternoon run it was a beautiful sunny day, then all was black.


2. underground

When I awoke I was sore all over with bumps, scratches and bruises all over my arms, legs and head.

When I looked around there were all these, not human nor creatures that I'd ever seen before walking around, some with I'd supposedly call children if that's what they even could be and some of them carrying loads of food, water and wood and other materials, I couldn't exactly make out what they were but from where I was sitting they were like covered in moss and rags with grubs and insects on them, and one who passed close by to me looked like his skin was made from bark off a tree or wood.

It was dark down here and a lot of dirt, it took me a while to realise that I was impossibly but obviously underground with all the earth and roots surrounding me.

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