A Force Sensitive Emerges From Wizard Kind

Over thousands of years there have been nothing more on Earth other than humans and wizard kind. Well a new power has come, force sensitives. People are after her and she has many challenges to face.


1. An Unknown Pulse

An American wizarding family of 7 is expecting their last child that is to be born soon and Vivian has gone into labor so it will be sooner than expected. For some reason or another they Dante and Vivian Rizzo have a feeling that this child will be different from their other children especially by Dante’s visions. Right now they are in the town’s only birth center for wizards since for now Dante as an auror was assigned to Merrifield, PA and decided the birth center was a good place to have the baby. They are sure she is different from what witches and wizards they know even in utero with an uncanny ability of luck during this pregnancy. Not to mention there seems to be something around them that they are aware of but don’t know what it is let alone put a finger on it. For this reason Dante has been researching what he can about this and reading through a family heirloom book Powers Not Seen on Earth which there is only a few copies. The original Latin, dating back to the Roman Empire, given to Walpi School of Magic considering of a certain hat of the book’s original authors and the family not wishing to part with it. Then there are the translated English and Italian versions which his uncle translated. The Italian version is in the Italian Villa that the Rizzo family still holds to this day in protective glass and Augusto gave Dante the English translation when Augusto relinquished his rights as a Lord of Peace. Dante has yet to really ask for outside help in this matter figuring the book would give more insight. Nothing of which has proved to given any clues as to what they are dealing with. What they do know for certain though that this child will not be a squib but whether the child is actually a witch or wizard has yet to be seen or if the child is something different all together.

“Dante, we seriously need to ask when this child is born,” states Vivian trying to get comfortable throughout the contraction. “This child doesn’t need confusion on she is.”

“I agree, Vivian, but who do we ask? No one would exactly believe us if we say that this child has powers that no witch or wizard has. Many would think that you-know-who was involved somehow when he isn’t. Besides if my hunch is correct with my visions then we are dealing with something never before seen on Earth,” replies Dante.

“Well you can ask Professor Dumbledore and Professor Carter if they know anything about this Jedi and Sith you are visioning. It would be a start and besides you are going crazy ready that book. We need outside perspective especially we agreed she will be our last child. Plus I would like your assistance delivering this child not you reading that book while I’m giving birth!”

“Sorry, honey, I was just trying to figure things out.”

“I know but with this pregnancy you seem more interested in finding out what she is before she is born and doing a lot of research. For all we know we could be making this up and she is a squib and all that research would be for not. I just wanted my partner that I had during the rest of my pregnancies which you haven’t been even when I vocalized it. It was this pull to find out what she is before she is born. Who knows maybe things will work itself out in time. That and you are too proud to ask for help when you know you need it especially since they had to put you in reserve for your auror duties even if you are a seer and we both come from a wealthy family. You wanted to work and doing this is not helping you get back to work any faster. Send a letter to Professor Carter at least if you don’t think Professor Dumbledore will take you seriously.”

“I will ask for their help later but not now. As you said I should be concentrating on you and I need to help in the delivery. So afterwards I will write to them to see if they are of any help and if the child has any more powers that will help direct us.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

For once they finally agree on something during this pregnancy on the research that has been going on. Everything else was agreed upon since they already do it for their children living now & the name for each gender. If it is a girl her name will be Adelaide Victoria and if it is a boy it will be Davide Kenneth. Now they just need to get through labor to know what they are having though they are certain it is a girl for some reason and how to proceed. Dante and Vivian kiss knowing that whatever the future holds they will be all right and their children will be loved. It takes another 2 hours before a little girl was born, Adelaide Victoria but they sense something off not knowing she sent a pulse through the force traveling through space. This pulse hits a nearby Sith Satellite holding Darth Incendia and Darth Kraken first prompting them to become suspicious on what is going on.

“Lady Incendia,” greets Darth Kraken as he bows when she enters the deck of the satellite. “What is your bidding?”

“Find a way to contact Darth Sidious and report back to me what he wants to do and if it is time to help Lord Voldemort. If you cannot reach him, we will be investigating this pulse but still report back to me as we told him if anything seemed off we will contact him immediately and ask if to start being allies at that time. If this pulse is that of the Great Jedi then Lord Voldemort will need as many allies as he can get from a Jedi if the person cannot be change,” Darth Incendia replies.

“As you wish”

With that Darth Kraken goes to the communication room while Darth Incendia heads towards the meditation chambers to see if she can detect where the pulse came from and the age of the person that made it. While only they can sense the pulse fully most wizards and witches can only sense things are off so there has to be a place where it happened. Most force sensitives will recognize this as a pulse from Earth specifically the stated pulse from Alluria Yorcot predicting a Jedi being born to a witch and wizard on Earth meaning Jedi are just now starting to form on Earth. Depending who the person be it a Jedi or a Sith will determine what they do. Most of the Dark Jedi and Sith want her to turn creating a darker period not only for Earth but also for the entire Galaxy since this force sensitive will also have wizarding powers making the person anomaly in both the galaxy and on Earth. The Jedi will just seek to train the person how to use the force and eventually let the Jedi back on Earth as they wait for Earth to be ready to join the republic merging the force sensitive and the wizarding world together hoping to create harmony. This is something Darth Incendia does not want to happen but knows if they screw up a plan to make her join them this will certainly happen.

Darth Kraken on the other hand gets into the main communication room to contact Darth Sidious but his own yellow eyes have a feeling that what created this pulse is way too young to even know what it is. It takes a few tries before Darth Sidious answers.

“What news do you have on planet Earth?” he states.

“Well it seems something on Earth has created a pulse or a disturbance in the force and we do not know how far it has traveled. We believe this pulse started with the Great Jedi,” Darth Kraken informs. “With this new occurrence we are wondering if it would be a good time to be allies with Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters.”

“It is too early yet to join and I have felt this pulse through the force as well, Master Kraken. Go to Earth and find the epicenter of this pulse. I will be there in a years’ time to get the Great Jedi since the Great Jedi has just been born. Start with the battle because that is most likely where the Great Jedi appeared because they are in times of need so head to Great Britain and start your search. A 1 year old will not remember much. Tell Lady Incendia that as well”

“As you wish”

At that the communication ends and Darth Kraken heads back to Darth Incendia so they can start to form a plan on the mission to stalk and capture the Great Jedi. Darth Incendia has a plan and says to dispatch to Earth where they will shadow the battles to see if anyone knows anything. No one is realizing that they need to research the epicenter of the pulse because that will give them a false trail.

Further out in space on Yavin IV Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker feel this pulse only to look at each other before finding a quiet area away from the students to talk about what just happened.

“Mara, did you sense this pulse?” inquires Luke when they are finally alone.

“Yes,” replies Mara Jade. “So what are we exactly are we doing about this pulse? It seems as if something is trying to contact us but doesn’t know how.”

“We need to research it but I think it came from Earth. You said once you had to go to this planet named Earth earlier for a mission, correct?”

“Yes, it was a dud so nothing happened not even the most amusing thing happened. Let alone we were hardly given any info what he wanted but to see if there were any force activity on the planet. There was none then at least from what we’ve saw. It was called off though before we could make any sense of the world. There were two actual worlds a normal world and another world that have people similar to us but we couldn’t get close to them because half of them thought we were these dark wizards. One family I did get to talk too briefly but due to lack of evidence of the force we were pulled back. But we should be concentrating in getting these clones of Palpatine gone instead of this. We will be called sooner or later to help but we should be focused on what is going on now.”

“Would the clone go after this ripple?”

“He possibly could but we wouldn’t know until much later.”

“We need to check it out before the Sith do so she can get a more balanced teaching.”

“And how are we to do that, Skywalker? We can’t just stop the fighting until this war is done!”

“I don’t know. Also were to trying to see if The Great Jedi was born yet on Earth?”

“Yes, and to kidnap the child but the child wasn’t born from what we could tell.”

“Then this ripple might be The Great Jedi a merge of force powers and whatever is on Earth. The prophecy never stated when the child would be born or this ripple but I think it needs to be looked at soon. We could also send Torkin Varga on a mission to monitor Earth in case the Sith will attack there and to keep the inhabitants safe for the most part seeing he can’t be everywhere on Earth.”

“So you aren’t planning to hold up the battles?”

“No, I won’t and he would be the perfect fit that could go and can help the family if it is a child or teach the adult. If the ripple is something else then we need to figure out what caused it.”

“Fine, but he has to report back in regular intervals so we know what is going and that he knows we can pull him back if we need him. He was injured badly and this will give him something to and should keep him safe while he heals.”

With that Luke goes and informs Torkin Varga what his new mission was who more than happy to take was being 3 months cooped up in the Jedi Praxeum even if he might not see battle as Mara sets up. What they are doing is researching the area to know where it came from and if it is the Great Jedi. This will hopefully help them in pin pointing the area they need to research and get the help the parents might need. Luke finds Torkin in his room going over the plans that were to happen on the mission when he was hurt.

“Torkin,” starts Luke. “I have a mission for you to go on.”

“Master Skywalker, what is this mission?” replies Torkin.

“We need you to help investigate this pulse that surely you felt. We will go to the research area to see which planet this came from and if we can pinpoint the exact location.”

“Why me, sir? Surely there are better Jedi here that can do this mission.”

“Maybe but if the planet is Earth from the Forbidden Sector then you are the best choice. You guys went into a trap and it’s not your fault you were gravely injured. Besides you are one of our best teachers we have at the Praxeum. So will you take this? I don’t think there will be much conflict on Earth.”

“Yes but we need more details.”

At that they head to the communication room where this pulse should have been recorded and give him more details before headed to the navigation area. What Mara could get from the communication couldn’t be tracked there so all of them are in the navigation area while their computers work on finding the source of the pulse before it shows the Forbidden Sector.

“R2, see if you can enhance to the planet and location on the planet,” states Luke knowing full well that this could easily lead to Earth if this is the Forbidden Sector.

R2D2 beeps in compliance before enhancing it quickly to show Earth on the computer and it rotating to show eastern United States. This only solidifies that the Great Jedi has been born since this is Earth but there is much to search.

“The Sith know of the child’s presence,” informs Mara. “They will be searching for the baby as well. This won’t be an easy task by any imagine because we cannot get the human settlement. Though the country this child was born in wasn’t what we were to be searching. The Emperor wanted the party I was in to search islands across the ocean called Great Britain. The child wasn’t born then so which is probably why there was no feel of it then again we would be in the wrong location.”

“Of course, it would make sense. Master Mara, Master Luke, what am I to do when I find the kid? Which may take me awhile since this is still a large area to look through and they may move,” inquires Torkin.

Luke starts, “Keep in touch with us along the way so we know your progress. Also it may not be wise to travel with the child soon after finding her so I will put that off until we know it is safe to do or if there is no other option. There will be more born following her and it maybe best you stay on Earth for as long as you can to help train those as well and finding them. Also the Sith may interfere and make the child’s safety at risk. Not to mention we need to gain the trust of the parents since Earth doesn’t seem to have the best reception to changes. If you need more help training the new Jedi let order know and we will send more down to help.”

“Besides the normal signs of a Jedi what should I be looking for?”

“Look for extra attention to the child because certainly the natives will be interested in the child as well. Also this child may have been born in the magical community so some of the activities will mimic their powers but will feel different from them. I cannot tell you what state they are in now but they won’t be as advance in technology as we will so you need to find a way to communicate with us without standing out. Your comlink should hide well but your ship will be another matter. We have a space station in the Earth System around planet Zegawa which you could hide there for safe keeping and we will supply you with a droid. Otherwise you need to find uninhabited areas to have it which would be hard considering the wizards and witches may be in that area to hide. But use your best judgement.”

“I will take a small astromech droid so it can pilot the ship to Zegawa and does the station have computers to talk to you with?”

“From my understanding”

“I will check that out first and if it is I will contact you from that station. I will just use the comlink to contact the droid.”

“We would like you to leave as soon as you can in hopes of getting to the child before the Sith can do any damage to the planet or family.”

“Of course”

With that Torkin gets ready and finds an R2 unit to come with him. After an hour of getting his clothes packed into his ship and get the R2 unit up to speed they are off to Earth hoping that the family is safe.

Back on Earth 2 hours go by before Dante sends out the birth announcement of Adelaide, Adelaide is asleep from eating, and a diaper changed. They know they only have a few hours left here if everything is fine which so far it is and are planning to get all of the announcements out once they get home in a couple of days but that doesn’t stop Dante from taking pictures of Adelaide and Vivian. They are not expecting a tiny voice coming into their head.

“Wet,” it said before Adelaide starts to cry.

Quickly, Vivian gets Adelaide changed and keeps her daughter in her arms as she lays back in bed.

“Did she just talk in our minds?” inquires Vivian.

“It seems so,” replies Dante. “It is quite different from legilimency and occlumency no witch or wizard can talk to each other with just their mind. Sure skilled witch or wizard can either block their mind or pierce memories of another and pretty much use it against their victim, but what Ada did is not normal. She sent a message and quickly left goes no further than surface thoughts and wanting our attention. Powers Not Found on Earth said Jedi can do this and is called telepathy which is similar in ways to legilimency but different as well. I am going to write to Dumbledore and Carter now so hopefully we get an answer soon as well as send our families the announcement so they don’t hear it from them. Our friends can wait until we get home.”

“Sounds like a good plan. Oh, what about writing the McCadden family? You said something about Adelaide and their youngest.”

“Do you think it is a good idea? I don’t want to make this decision without your approval as well so I was going hold off a bit while you recover before we talked about the arranged marriage. They will be around 8 years older than each other will closer to 9. You never seemed very interested in the tradition.”

“Because I know that this is an important tradition in the Taloni Tribe even if not a lot of people agree with it but go with it because you could go to Tribal Court if you don’t. I love the McCadden family and I do think if Adelaide and Christopher will be a good match. You saw how attached he was to this pregnancy but that is assuming the McCadden family hasn’t found a more suitable match for Chris around his age. Let’s just see and we can go from there and besides don’t you have a deal with Conrad McCadden if our last was a girl and they still haven’t found anyone for Chris that you guys would at least talk about an arranged marriage between the two even before either one of you were married.”

“So you aren’t opposed to the coupling? Because until she was born we didn’t know what we were having.”

“No, I’m not and plus don’t you owe Chris his bet? He bet that it was girl and you bet that it was a boy, Chris was right.”

“You’re right, and I don’t need help before you ask. Just let Ada sleep in your arms, she seems comfortable there.”

At that Dante gets to writing the letter that is needed and adding the needed birth announcement with them.


Dear Albus Dumbledore,

How are things going in England? I hope the fight is going well and we’ll soon see the end of you-know-who. Anyways I’m writing because I have a question and I don’t know exactly who would have the best information. Seeing how you are Sebastian Carter are our leaders during our schooling we are seeking yours and Sebastian’s help with this. I have been hearing words from some of my powers that I do not know nor is used in a normal wizard or muggle conversation. These words are Jedi and Sith. Do you know what these words are or how I could find out? We think these words connect to our daughter that we just sent you recently the birth announcement of. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Dante Rizzo
Dante Rizzo

Dear Sebastian Carter,

I hope things are going well for you and the Dragon Hide Militia and the school year aren’t too much stress for you right now. Hopefully I can see you again and catch up but I don’t know when I will be able to come back to Wintermere, NM seeing how I’m stationed in Merrifield, PA. Anyways I’m seeking help in understanding these visions that I’ve been having and I believe are connected to my daughter somehow that I just sent you a birth announcement of. I am asking Dumbledore as well but I don’t think he truly values my talent to see the future. Back on track, in my visions I’ve been saying two words that aren’t found here either in wizard kind or in the muggle world. Do the words of Sith and Jedi mean anything to you? Can the slouch hat make sense of the words? I do know he said something every year I was there but it doesn’t seem to be a language found on Earth and some of its actions cannot be found on Earth. I’ll be in touch and hopefully you can see Adelaide sometime soon.

Thank you in advance,
Dante Rizzo
Dante Rizzo

To Chris,

Ok you got me; one was a girl though I have to say have you been having visions? Or did you just guessed and stuck to that? Sorry, but you know I am a seer who works as an Auror to keep a stable job and if you have abilities I would love to teach you to harness the potential or at least teach you what it can do. So you said I owed what 2 starlings` or 5 bells? Oh, right 2 starlings and 5 bells, just don’t spend it all in one place and don’t get into a habit of betting. Unfortunately you don’t get 5 starlings because the other was a boy but you can keep what you said you would give me if it was a boy. I am giving you your own birth announcement but they are Michelangelo and Adelaide for names so you can reference them if you don’t look at it. Also be prepared for your parents to talk to you about a possible arranged marriage between you and Adelaide. She is our youngest daughter, they are our last, and there is an agreement between your parents and my wife and I if they haven’t found a girl around your age to marry. Sorry to tell you that when they should but I feel it is necessary to warn you.

Keep up the good work,

Dear Conrad and Deborah McCadden,

Don’t be alarmed that I haven’t included Chris in this since I already sent him a letter and told him the news. Vivian and I have had our last child. Well we were graced with Adelaide (attached a birth announcement) a girl. I know we had specific agreement between us if you hadn’t found Christopher a girl to marry that you would choose our youngest daughter over any others. While I do not know if you did in fact found one but considering I work with you, Conrad, and I haven’t heard either way I thought I’d let you know I will still up hold this agreement until I find otherwise. If this did not agree I would wait for at least a year before considering finding her one, as I do not want to rush this process and enjoy the newborn stage for a while with her. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Sincerely yours,
Dante and Vivian Rizzo
Dante and Vivian Rizzo*

At that Dante relaxes with his wife and she looks at him then back at Adelaide.

“Addy just looks like you,” observes Vivian. “I hope she gets your curls, none of our children have your beautiful curls.”

“She looks like you as well with a small nose and her full cupid bow lips. I love you both.”

“I know but I just wish the children had your curls instead of them being wavy or straight even if our children are a good mix of us. Then again we cannot pinpoint the dark hair since we both have very dark brown almost black hair. They just got my and your grandmother’s straighter hair texture than you and your grandfather’s curly hair. I just love it and would look lovely on one of our children.”

“We will see in time but she already has a bunch of dark hair.”

“I know but it would be nice to have one with curly hair.”

With that they spend the rest of the time in the birth center talking about the future and dotting on Adelaide, they leave shortly after 7 in the morning considering Adelaide was born 3 pm and it wouldn’t do much to let them leave in the middle of the night. It is there that the letters are piled up most likely from their children and his sister with her husband Catrina and Sebastian Benitez. Most of them are congratulations on the birth of Adelaide but there are 3 letters different from just congratulations particularly from Professor Carter.

To Dante,

No I didn’t see what they were but was merely a guess but thanks for the money. But the names are good for them and I can’t wait to see them. And unfortunately they keep telling me about the arranged marriage when my older sisters gets to marry whoever she wants and just did it before replying. Do I have to marry your daughter? They said this is a good thing but she and I will have no choice along with Michelangelo with whomever you chose. I don’t want to marry because our parents said so.

Your friendly every day kid,

Dear Vivian and Dante Rizzo

Thank you for the birth announcement and no we haven’t found a girl we like for Chris and it is getting on Elisabeth’s parents nerve even if the grandmother isn’t even a Taloni and they have been cut off for a year now. As you know we are picky on who we want for our child and one of them being is that they will not get into heated fights and how they are raised. Even purebloods now a days divulge too much into their children which we do not want a spoiled princess with our son unless it is his doing then he can undo the damage. We know your style, it is similar to ours and will love to pursue this, and we would have told if we did find something so we could come up with another agreement.

As for Chris, no he cannot see the future. Let’s just say this with our families being close he saw a pattern which he is good at and just thought it was time for a girl again since your goes boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. Yes we saw the letter because he kept saying he was correct with one but that he didn’t think they would be two different sex. He will get over it the disappointment that not everything was correct. And frankly he is a little pissed right now because of all the searching we have done.

Hope to see you soon,
Deborah and Conrad McCadden
Deborah and Conrad McCadden*

Dear Dante and Vivian Rizzo,

First off congratulations for the birth of Adelaide and I would love to see her when there is a chance and we can arrange it. Your father got his letter before I could open mine and he is over the moon along with your mother and is happy that everyone is fine. They send their regards and will be seeing you over the weekend to see their granddaughter and other grandchildren. A time like this is a very joyous occasion and I’m happy to hear she is happy and healthy and I think Adelaide is a wonderful name for her. Hopefully her older sister and brothers don’t give her too much of a hard time.

As for what you are asking I have basic knowledge in what you are asking the Jedi and Sith fall under what I think is a blood line called force sensitives from what I can gather from the Slouch Hat. Jedi are what we consider every day good wizards and witches while the Sith are like our dark wizards. The Slouch Hat urges to get an old book called Potentiae Non Invenitur in Terra it was written during the 2nd century AD by 6 authors named Alluria Yorcot, Aarik Parlayy, Verls Yissik, Siiwook Phrog, Skye Sal, and Sorv Kienaan. It has an excellent description what you will be looking for. The Slouch Hat said if you have an ancestor with the name of Alluria Yorcot then this child is most likely the child that she predicted and the child is known as The Great Jedi in this force sensitive world and most the first force sensitive merging with wizard kind to be born on earth. . I will look more into myself but this is a good start to this and if you have any more info on this please let me know and there is a training section in the book I mentioned.

Sebastian Carter
Sebastian Carter

Even if it doesn’t help much at least Dante knows he is heading in the right direction but he cannot imagine what he is missing. So he writes back to Professor Carter.

Dear Professor Carter,

Thank you for this information but still doesn’t help much. I don’t know what a force sensitive is and the English translation of the book you are recommending I am reading but not seeing really that helps. Is this something that over time we will be able to figure out? Do we have the time to figure out what she is? I don’t want Adelaide to miss anything by not having the ability to control these new powers. One new thing is that she can communicate in our head which seems different from occulmency and legilimency and I know no witch or wizard that can do this yet she can. She will actually tell us in our minds what she wants before she cries. Other things we have noticed when she lift things it doesn’t seem through magic or enchanting them but by these so called power belonging to the force sensitive. Also yes on myside we are descendant of Alluria Yorcot but also Vivian is descendant of Verls Yissik. I understand they are the writers of this book but was they force sensitive as well? Could have some pages been left out of the book when it was being translated?

Thank you in advance,
Dante Rizzo
Dante Rizzo

“So what did Professor Carter say?” asks Vivian.

“Something about Force Sensitive and the Jedi is the normal witch or wizard and Sith are the Dark Wizards/Witches,” replies Dante. “Also our book that I have been reading is recommended along with that my ancestor Alluria Yorcot might have a key in this situation. What I gather our child might be this merger of this force sensitive thing and our magic. She could be very powerful and she may need more training than I can give her with my work. I have seen the training section in Powers Not Found on Earth and the description seems to be missing something. Do you know anything?”

“No, I do not. I don’t think Dumbledore would know either. I can start training her after she gets older so we will have that. But we may need different training and how do we contact the person that can train her? And will there be others like her? Is she supposed to the first born of her kind or just the only born?”

“Apparently the first born, so yes there is more to follow but how many more to follow I don’t know and I don’t know where to even look for them. The only thing is we do have some leads but not enough to make a conclusive verdict.”

Sebastian’s next letter doesn’t help much and their families coming over to see Ada was great as they loved her and even said she isn’t like the others. That was the last time in almost 2 years with the Potters being targeted by Lord Voldemort and the newborn Marie Potter being kidnapped and no one knows where she is all the while the Dursley’s even if they begged to take Harry saying they will honor what his parents wanted. Not to say they haven’t had problems of their own mostly some weird people looking their way after the Potter’s death and Marie’s disappearance. They think they were the ones behind Marie’s disappearance but anytime and auror gets close to them no one is left living and is found with their head chopped off with burn marks on the flesh.

Also this point in the Rizzo house is in the moving process since Dante was finally assigned for Wintermere, NM as he has been requesting for a while so the house in Merrifield, PA is packed with boxes. Today, though, Vivian thought it is a gorgeous summer day and takes the children to the park so they can burn off energy especially Adelaide who seems to always be full of energy even with limited training in her powers for a 1 and ¾ year old according to her when anyone asks her age. Vivian goes over the rules with the children which is be polite and respectful to others, keep in eye or ear range depending on age, if you need help with something get her to help, and if you are in trouble than you can deal with find her an adult that will handle the situation. Once that is done the older ones goes their way and Ada looks at the swings.

“Mommy, swings,” states Ada. “Push me, please?”

“Not now, Addy, I promised Mike that I’d push him. After I’m done with him, I’ll push you but why don’t you run around and get some energy out.”

“Bully around”

“I have seen him around,” adds Mike.

“Ignore him,” informs Vivian. “If he doesn’t get underneath your skin then he won’t bother you. I know he terrorizes you personally because of your powers but you have to ignore him and not let people get to you. Hopefully Wintermere will be better for you.”

“He is mean.”

“He maybe mean, Addy, but you are special just don’t let him get to you.”

“She gets most of the bruises from him and he takes her out of your site, mom. I have seen him do that to her. She cannot yet defend herself from him,” defends Mike.

“And what do you suggest, Mike?” inquires Vivian.

“Push her first until his parents are forced to leave with him. They eventually are with his behavior but until then Ada needs to be protected.”

“I promised you to push you on the swings, Mike. It may not seem fair to either one of you but I’m only one person and I like to keep my promises. If I could clone myself I would to give every one of my children my undivided attention but sometimes that just can’t happen. And Mike, you don’t need to defend Ada even if you know what is going on. I try to protect all of my children because I love them and I don’t want them to get hurt. Things just happen.”

“Well if Chris was here he would be with her and protecting her but he cannot be here.”

“Mike, I do not wish to argue on this. Addy, you need stay close by us when you play, do you both understand?”

“Yes,” they both reply in unison.

At that Ada heads for the sandbox that has other small children in it nearby while Mike gets pushed on the swings. The said bully comes up and pulls Ada’s hair.

“Ow, no pulling,” yells Adelaide.

“Poor baby,” he mocks. “Does Taloni baby want to get her assed beat again? Or will I finally get to see your powers that everyone talks about here. Show them to me and you shall be spared.”

“What? I have no powers.”

“Come on, you aren’t a squib we all know that. Your powers aren’t the same as normal witch or wizard.”

“A normal witch”

“You are not normal, stop telling me lies.”

“Let me go!”

“No, now let’s go to somewhere private if you are too shy to show me in public.”

With that the bully takes Adelaide as her mother is preoccupied but a pair of stranger’s eyes watches them closely. He senses the force around Adelaide and while other adults around him talk mostly about how the family handles her the one bully seems to want to force these powers out of the child. Torkin Varga watches from a safe difference as the bully drops Adelaide onto the ground after finding I guess a more secluded area but there isn’t much to be found. The only thing is here that Adelaide doesn’t have any family members around. Not only has that but Master Varga noticed a disturbance in the force and a strong force presence around Adelaide. It is likely Ada doesn’t exactly know what she is and is believing she is just a more powerful witch. Ada’s naturally tanned olive toned skin now has red marks from where this bully grabbed her and he raises his fist before Torkin grabs the pale hand.

“Hey,” starts the bully.

“We do not hit other people nor do we abduct other people, sir,” starts Torkin. “I’m sure your parents won’t be pleased with your actions here today.”

“They won’t care; they never had in the past other than remove me.”

“That means they do care. Now, where are your parents?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Fine then,” Varga grabs the boys hand higher and yells. “Who are this boy’s parents?”
With that a light brown haired female comes over as normal.

“Bertram Fleischer, what did you do now?” states the mother.

“I didn’t do nothing, mom,” retorts Bertram. “Ada is she won’t show me her powers. How else am I going to see them?”

“By letting her be, she is still young and you cannot bully her to see them she may shy away from using them. Ada, I’m sorry for what my son keeps putting you through, you are special to us and very powerful.”

“Ma’am,” interrupts Torkin.

“Yes,” the mother replies. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, there is. You should keep a better eye on your son since this seems to be a reoccurring thing going on here. If you’d just pay attention to your son he wouldn’t be bothering her about her powers or try to bully her than paying attention to whatever you are. Also so he has respect for when people say no to him than having multiple adults say something to finally have you remove him from the park.”

“I take it you have children of your own, sir?”

“Actually no, I was just wondering by since I’m working for The Republic of Magic` on an important mission when I saw your child bullying her. I do not take lightly to bullying on anyone especially if they seem different.”

“And what mission would that be that you would be in a playground or near one in a park?”

“Everyone has access to here since it is public and if I divulge my information to you, I’m afraid I will have to take you into custody.”

“You are a secret service for the president aren’t you?”

“Actually ma’am, I’m an unspeakable.”

“Oh, sorry but I never seen you around parks before.”

“Because we blend in”

At that the mother takes her son as Torkin kneels down to Ada.

“Are you alright, young one?” he inquires.

“Yes,” replies Ada. “He is scary.”

“I’m sure he is do you need help finding your parents? I’m sure they are worried about you.”

“Mommy looks for me. Mommy was by the swings. Mommy helping Mike”

“I see, I’m Torkin Varga and you are?”

“Ada Rizzo”

“Ada, that’s a pretty name. Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

“I can find mommy. I won’t know…”

“How to tell her what happened exactly?”


“Do you want me to help with that?”

“Yes please.”

With that Ada gets up and starts to walk.

“You’re not from Earth,” observes Ada.

“Correct, Ada,” replies Torkin. “What would you make you guess that?”

“You don’t feel like most people on Earth. Almost like you have my powers. I don’t like him. He bullies me too much.”

“How old are you, Ada?”

“One year and three quarters years old”

“Tell me do you like your powers?”

“No, too different from family”

“Do you wish you were like your family?”

“Yes, they say I’m a more power witch.”

“Are there any more here like you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Have your parents said anything in particular that they don’t want you to hear right now?”

“Yes, they say Jedi and Sith a lot. They read this really old book.”

“Do you know what they mean?”

“No, they don’t even know.”

“I see do you have any other family?”

“5 older siblings, a lot of cousins”

“Are anyone of them like you?”

“No, heard one went missing.”

“Do your parents know the whole story on it?”

“They should.”

At that Vivian and Ada’s older siblings comes running towards them and Vivian especially seems to be worried.

“Mommy,” states Ada going up to her.

“Thank heavens,” states Vivian getting Ada into her arms. “I thought I bloody lost you. What happened?”

“That bully again. He helped me,” Ada informs pointing to the male beside her.

“Thank you, sir, Bertram Fleischer always does this to her and we get worked up what not only he can do to her but if her powers were to go off what would happen,” she greets. “I’m Vivian Rizzo, and you are?”

“Torkin Varga, ma’am, and you have a lovely daughter she wanted me to help explain things about the situation.”

“I see, but I know what happens so there is no need to explain and I did see him take him away as she was playing in the sandbox like a good girl before he came up and took her away. If I may, are you a colleague of my husband Dante? You look like one of his coworkers as an auror.”

“I’m not, but it sounds like I have look alike but I’m on a mission as unspeakable and it seems it deals with your family. Ada has shed some interesting light in questions I have.”

“It’s about Adelaide isn’t it? I thought this time would come but her dad and I thought it would a long time before they would get interested. We can talk at home if you would like.”

“That would be perfect but no need to cut your trip here short for me as I’m on no particular deadline but I think I will also like your husband to be around as well for what I have to say as well. It will help you figure out everything that’s going on. But I do have one right now, have you sensed anyone else like Ada?”

“Her cousin, she should be a year now but she went missing shortly after Addy’s 1st birthday when her parents were attacked shortly before the down fall of a wizarding war. So far we haven’t found any traces of her but hers was a little bit more subtle that Addy’s. Her name is Marie Potter even from birth had right red hair and had hazel eyes.”

“Who was she born to?”

“My brother James Potter and his wife Lily, Marie was their youngest child she had an older brother Harry Potter who is living with his maternal aunt and uncle in England. I think they live in Little Whinging. Harry is at least safe but we don’t know anything about Marie and we wish she is safe.”

“Do they have any idea who took her?”

“We don’t have any definite leads on who did, the speculations follow that it was a death eater following you-know-who during the war, a random dark witch or wizard, or the most bogus is that a ghost took her as there was very little trace who took her. So far interrogations of death eaters, witches, and wizards have led to dead ends making the ghost looking the most likely even if it is not the best claim. It’s not as if she is on Earth anymore. She could be dead for all we know.”

“Do you believe she is dead?”

“No, it doesn’t make sense killing her and I don’t think she is dead but cleverly hidden. I just don’t know where or have any evidence.”

Torkin makes a mental note on this to ask Master Luke on this when he contacts them later but for the time being until he can talk to the parents in private he isn’t going to reveal much other keeping an eye out for the bully. During the time at the park, Vivian does ask Torkin about him since they don’t know much about him and he answers them the best he could while she pushes Ada on the swings. Shortly before Ada’s nap time they head back and with Torkin playing with her she is actually tired out. This was one of the longest naps Ada has taken and Dante has gotten back before she wakes up.

“We have a guest, hun,” greets Vivian. “I said he could stay with us a few days. He said he could help us with Addy. He says he is an unspeakable and we are at least part of the mission”

“Well it will be worth hearing him out especially if we get answer as to what exactly Ada is and how she can be trained better,” replies Dante.

“Anyways, how was work?”

“Same as usual, nothing out of the ordinary and no reads on any dark wizards or witches. Besides the guest how did your day go?”

“Good, the bully came back but Addy came back with less bruises thanks to our guest when we went to the park which is a plus. And they played together tiring her out and she is still taking her nap.”

“Wow, what’s the guest name?”

“Torkin Varga, right now he is in the living room looking over something I think for his work.”

“Well I’ll go introduce myself then. When are we talking about, Ada?”

“After the children go to bed so there won’t be many prying ears.”


The tall tanned skin male heads to the living room to greet the guest who has his own black hair into dreadlocks.

“Hi, I’m Dante Rizzo the husband to Vivian,” greets Dante with his hand out. “I hear you helped my daughter Ada from her bully today.”

“Yes I did, Dante. I’m Torkin Varga, how do you do?” replies Torkin getting up and shaking his hand.

“I’m good, how about you? I hear that you are an unspeakable?”

“I’m well, and as for being an unspeakable I feel like that since you don’t seem have much concept. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an auror and we’ll be moving soon to Wintermere, NM as they just stationed me there. I hear your mission is about Ada.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Are you planning to help her?”

“That is my mission as long as things work out but for now what I can gather it is.”

“So someone has heard our plight?”

“In a way yes, I’ll explain more later. Ada explained enough that I need to know and it seems that knowledge what is happening is not yet known or if it is not wide spread. But I do question this world, why hide? It doesn’t make sense to have two different worlds even if the magical world is smaller.”

“In the past we were integrated but in 1689 International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy was enacted but didn’t get enforced for 3 years wasn’t truly enforced during America’s Salem Witch Trials. They got more muggles pretending than actual witches and wizards. During that time it was a strain between each group that for protection having two different worlds to happen. Most of the magical Native Americans were opposed and even the Taloni Tribe was opposed since they still traded openly with muggles. Also most Native Americans believe that magic is power to be revered and wanted. This goes for any culture that holds Shamanism, feudal, or aboriginal in a sense they believe in tribes that even among muggles being a wizard was a good thing. The thing is over the years we have been viewed as different where in Europe and the Colonies in USA and any place with European settlers viewed it as a bad thing and became law. As for why the Taloni Tribe split years ago, I have no clue no one really knows as it happened more than several thousand years ago more like of a natural split than anything else. It just so happens that all the inhabitants are witches and wizards.”

“Interesting, and I take this Taloni Tribe has meaning to you?”

“Yes, I’m a part of the Taloni Tribe and so are my children,” Dante informs showing the inherited mark of a pastel pink heart surrounded by a pastel blue ribbon. “This is our mark, and as long as one is born with this you are considered a Taloni though after a while most reject our traditions. It is my history therefore it is my children’s history. Taloni are pueblo people. I just thought it would give you some insight as well.”

“How deep are your traditions?”

“Depends on the family, my mother is an elder and chief of the tribe so we have deep traditions at least for me. So far none of my children appear interested in more of the traditions and one or two have stated they do not want coming of age ceremony, the marriage ceremony, or the expectant mother ceremony done that are old enough the other just say they would humor me. While I won’t force it on them I would like it done, the only thing that a child cannot get out of right now is Ada. Until she reaches 18 years old and says she wants to marry a person we picked out or not they will be considered courting and a couple.”

“She’s in an arranged marriage?”

“Yes, but we do have stipulations that can end the marriage the most important that both of them must want it and will have to say yes or no sometime after 18 when they feel they are ready. No one particularly likes it and for the most part including my family and the family we have selected is for appearance sake. Most of the elders beside my mom wants it in effect and not optional but was changed from everyone to the youngest for some reason.”

“And who is this family and the boy she is arranged to marry right now?”

“They are the McCadden family and his name is Christopher. Chris is 5 years older than Ada but I had an agreement with his father if they didn’t fine anyone suitable enough that we will do the arranged marriage between the families. Thankfully Chris is fond of her.”

“Anything else I should know about this family before we talk?”

“I’m a seer as well but unlike most seers here I don’t go looking for them and I’m one of the few with an inner eye. My mother has it and Ada has been showing signs at her age she has an inner eye as well but works differently than ours. We hear hers after the fact but my mom and I recite ours while having it.”

“It’s possible that Ada has Force Visions than what you consider an inner eye.”

“Also if this helps at all, it is believed by my dad’s side that we are descendants of Alluria Yorcot and through my wife she is a descendant of Verls Yissik.”

“That last part is very useful, Alluria has the holder of a book here called Potentiae Non Invenitur in Terra that all of them wrote together and we have a or used to I don’t know if we have it about what they have found and her visions. Have you gotten a hold of this book?”

“Yes, it was in our Italian villa that we use during the summer if we want to vacation there and we have translated it into English and Italian. We have the English version here and I have been reading but it seems in translation we might have missed a lot of things. Since no one in my family can read Latin except for my Uncle who translated it, he said there were some words he didn’t know and pages that he couldn’t fully translate. If this book was meant to be helpful then when we translated it, it decreases its helpfulness.”

“I can see how that can be problematic and not being able to get a clear picture because some of the words were probably in Galactic Basic while similar to English it seems but there are words that cannot be translated well into Latin or other languages. This is probably were you have ran into troubles but do you get a sense at what you are getting at?”

“Yes, something that hasn’t been here before except when introduced thousands of years ago in the Roman Empire and just either came back or is actually showing up. I can’t infer anything else without know what force sensitive, Jedi, and Sith means though. He left them in there but they don’t make much too any one on Earth.”

“I will go over that tonight as well as it seems those terms aren’t used on Earth a lot. I will say this one is an overall term and 2 are factions of that term. But it seems you guys are on the right path considering her age.”

At that, Ada is back up and wobbling into the living room.

“Daddy home,” greets Ada.

“Yes I am, Ada,” replies Dante getting her into his arms. “Have you been good for mommy?”


“That’s good to hear, but I need to get changed and then we’ll have dinner so we have to play afterwards.”

“Bow and arrow?”

“After supper if it isn’t too dark out otherwise you'll be staying inside to play and if we can get mommy to agree. You know she doesn’t like you playing with the toy bow and arrow set since you aren’t of age yet.”

“I ask mommy.”

“We’ll ask mommy together.”


“Ask me what?” inquires Vivian coming in from the kitchen. “If it is about playing in the yard before bed after supper help yourself with this long nap she needs to burn the extra energy off or she will never go down.”

“Well she wants to play bows and arrows, their suction cup what harm can they do?” answers Dante.

“Please, mommy,” Ada begs with a slight lisp.

“She’s too young for that toy even with the suction cups, the boys can play it later but she cannot,” Vivian denies the request.

“So we can have it set out?” confirms Dante.

“Yes, just no to her playing it.”

“But you know she handles it well for her age and no injuries can come from the set. And besides you want her tired out, she’ll be tired out from begging you to play it as long as with your leg.”

“Fine, but you need to watch her like a hawk while she plays it.”

“I always do.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“Has there been any injury yet with Ada doing this?”

“No, but there is a first for everything”

Torkin can’t help but laugh a little at the discussion but he can see both sides of this argument on the one hand it can be dangerous especially out of the age range but the more practice the better at it they become. The evening for the family goes well and no incident with Ada and her bow and arrow before everyone has to go to bed. With the children in bed, Torkin, Dante, and Vivian sit down at the dining room table going over everything they have questions on as well as going over in detail what they are looking at. What they are looking at is the emergence of force sensitives while similar to witch and wizards but they have a different skill set and have no need for a wand to perform many tasks along with a different weapon called a lightsaber. While yes many could say that it was a Jedi or Sith but they are only factions of the force sensitive and varies on the person’s personality and how people are trained along with going into the rule of 2 for the Sith. Even in the Jedi there are many factions the one that always take precedence the ones closely aligned with the light side of the force. Then there is Grey Jedi who walks the line between light and dark and may not follow the code of the Jedi or Sith or both. Finally the Dark Jedi only a step down from the Sith due to the rule of 2 and that they most likely serve for only small gain no more than common thieves, thugs, and bullies though this term has mainly used for Jedi who have lost their way. He also informs them that he is not an actual unspeakable but using it as a disguise but he is in fact a Jedi sent from space to Earth to see what is going on following a pulse in the force. Along with needing to contact Luke Skywalker to tell him of the news and they need to keep an eye out since their daughter will bring unwanted visits from bad people as well as people being curious. Which Dante asks about the beheadings that have a burn marks only to be confirmed that they are looking but are looking in the wrong place.

After 2 hours of talking they stop and get ready for bed themselves with their own simple routines with Dante and Vivian listening to late night wizard radio and Torkin meditating along with calling his protocol droid to his location. The next day Torkin the ship has arrived in a remote area and he is off. While it may not take long in system travel but he has plans to see if he can locate more force sensitive for a few days before returning and after talking to Luke. But the first order getting there is getting the computers up and contacting Luke.

“That’s weird,” thinks Torkin as he lands on the station looking at Zegawa. “Did it change colors? And why does it feel like it has matured since I last was here?”

There is a different feel of a magic and force combining on Zegawa that it lacked before but Torkin has to put it out of his mind. The combination helps boots up the computers faster, it automatically starts to look for more Jedi, and he contacts Luke.

“Master Varga, how is your mission going?” inquires Luke when he sees him.

“Very well, Master Skywalker,” replies Torkin. “I just made contact with the family and the placement is right for the pulse. The child is a young girl who will be turning 2 in a couple of months which means she was born when we felt the pulse. Her name is Adelaide Victoria Rizzo and normally goes by Ada or Addy but she herself prefers Ada. Her family is what is considered witch and wizard on Earth and they have Alluria Yorcot and Verls Yissik as ancestors.”

“So you think she is the one?”

“Yes, Ada really doesn’t know anyone that has her powers and her parent’s say that they are only start to find a few or at least one like her sometime after her birth. I’m not risking her life to put a scar on her back, when that happens we’ll know for sure. But the location matches up, and they were searching what she was before I came along. I will train her but it will be hard for me to search and train her as well considering her age.”

“I agree, has the computers located any more or have they said anyone similar to her?”

“Have the computers searching right now as we speak since they did it on their own but nothing has come up. As for them realizing another one is similar to her, yes they have found one but she has been captured and getting close to a year. They say she wasn’t as strong as Ada and her name is or was Marie Potter another decedent of Verls Yissik. What I have gathered from their description, she looks like Mara Jade’s daughter Sapphira Jade. They think she is alive and there was a wizarding war going on in England where she lived with her family James and Lily Potter.”

“Are James and Lily Potter alive? Are they searching for Marie Potter?”

“James and Lily were murdered by someone I don’t know who and that their son is living with his maternal extended family. They are searching for Marie but have come up on dead ends. What is interesting to me, I also found out that at least Dark Jedi are here maybe Sith so they know she is alive. With the lack of clues and activities of the Dark Jedi, my feelings is they went down a rabbit whole and got the wrong person but left the child alive. I may not be able to prove it but once I get one of them I will interrogate them to know what happened.”

“Who murdered her parents?”

“From my understanding, the person was trying to end the war and for him to do so he needed to kill their son but the parents sacrificed their life for their children. So it was a casualty of the war but one that reeks of the Sith undercutting their enemies.”

At that, computer beeps with the records.

“Are there any news?”

“Yes, I have more information the computer stored them. There have been 6 force sensitive born on Earth but is showing 5 including Ada on Earth and one saying she left the system. Adelaide was born on October 26, 1988; then there is the cousin born on June 22, 1989; one in December 23, 1989 in Wiltshire, England, February 5, 1989 near Savannah, GA, April 21, 1989 in Seoul, South Korea, and November 4, 1989 in Kashan Iran. It is listing Adelaide’s birth outside the town of Du Bois, PA but I learned it as Merrifield, PA. So my guess the person near Savannah is either in the outskirts or in a wizarding town like Merrifield, PA. It doesn’t say where the 2nd one went to other than she was born in Godric’s Hollow, England and was removed from the system entirely. I will run a test to see if it can flesh out any stations that could help. I have to be mindful though, Earthling’s have also put up their satellites as well but anything out of the ordinary for them would come off as suspicious. It will take a while but I will contact you with the results.”

“There are 6 in total but only 5…”

“Not exactly that is just the Jedi born from witches and wizards there have been a family of Jedi residing on Earth and they have 3 children of their own all force sensitive and it appears they were born years ago in 1976, 1977, and 1980 respectively meaning they are getting training now and trying to blend in. My guess this family came here to escape the Jedi Purge since no one is allowed here without permission but used this as a way to hide from it.”

“No charges will be against them, is there anything else it is bringing up?”

“Nothing in that people are alive but long time ago during the initial Lords of Peace their children were force sensitive but the powers died out after they married. And their deaths, all but one was persecuted in some way leading to their deaths. Alluria Yorcot died of an illness in her old age and was the only that nature took. The rest were crucified, stoned to death, hanged, beheading, and many more but it isn’t truly confirmed other than Alluria’s.”

“It is digging up past information as well especially in the past. Do what you need to their and I will get 4 more Jedi on Earth to help you. All 5 of you I do want you to get enough information as you can about this attack obviously the ones not in England will fully know but you have to have some information.”

“Will do”

“Also, see if there are any influences on Earth of Emperor Palpatine along with how the government is set up.”

“My basic understanding of Earth’s government is that there is no one central government just countries running separately from one another with allies and debates at this United Nations. United Nations is just an intergovernmental organization and while most of the countries are in the United Nations not all. And it doesn’t seem to have as much power as Galactic Senate before the downfall or the Empire Senate. Along with dealing international peace as much as it can. I looked into it while I was traveling. So far I haven’t sensed any of Darth Sideous’s handy work on Earth with the possible exception of hunting the Great Jedi. It seems other people play a factor like Earth doesn’t want another Adolf Hitler and are doing their best to stop that from happening. Some much genocide on his hands on races he deemed inferior, the disabled, and somethings I just don’t want to reveal.”

“What about the country you are in?”

“They call it a federal republic, while the people are represented but I have noticed between states have different powers and laws while the federal laws are also different from the state laws. It seems they are creating a division of power between the states but the laws that need to be enforced state to state are federal. It is governed by a president and there is a limit on how many terms which is 2 terms and it is 4 years per term though I think an extra few years if they take over from being the vice president.”

“As always keep me informed.”

“Will do”

At that the transmission ends so they can do what is needed of them to. Torkin over a few days weeds out to find satellites that don’t belong to Earth which is only one and positioned around Mars that they don’t detect it. After he is done with his search and contacting Luke again he heads back to Earth to help teach Ada. He isn’t expecting that her parents would pay him but they do saying that it is the only right thing to do as he is tutoring their daughter. They mainly use the money that Vivian makes as a clothing designer in her own shop, Iridescent Butterfly Robes, that she set up in Wintermere after finally moving back with the money she made by doing freelance work in England and helping in a shop in Merrifield, PA.


*Altered from: http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/532381/Wizarding-Worlds-Intro-to-Force-Sensitives/1/

`Using/Basing off of thishttp://harrypotterfanon.wikia.com/wiki/United_States_Wizarding_Currency andhttp://harrypotterfanon.wikia.com/wiki/United_States_Republic_of_Magic

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