The Fantasy Squad


3. Back to Glistening Meadow

    I rushed into an alleyway between the apartment buildings. There was an old, lone brick wall standing behind the buildings, currently (to the normal person) serving no benefit. I rushed to the wall and whispered, 'Fellywebber'.

 The wall opened up and a small hole appeared. I slid down and landed in a beautiful land, unknown to the society. I ran through the meadow, keeping my eyes peeled.

   Under a tree was a girl, about my age, taking the petals off of a flower. She was singing a song as she threw the petals onto the ground.

   Even when I'm walking on a wire

Even when I set myself on fire

Why do I always feel invisible, invisible

Everyday I try to look my best

Even though inside I'm such a mess

Why do I always feel invisible, invisible


Here inside, my quiet hell

You cannot hear, my cries for help

I try everything, to make them see me

But everyone, sees what I can't be


Sometimes when I'm alone

I pretend that I'm a queen

It's almost believeable


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