Where are you now? (Short Story)

What will we become now?


1. What will we become

Hurt. Love. Pain. Friendship. Sorrow. Happiness. Regret. Smile.

When I met you the hurt was gone.

When I met you the pain had fled.

When I met you sadness was distant.

When I met you I had no regret.

I had no idea I could feel such love.

I was unaware of such powerful friendship.

I believed that happiness was a myth.

I only dreamed of a smile so real.

Little did I know we'd end up here.

Little did I know it would all crash down.

Little did I know it would hurt so bad.

Little did I know I'd regret caring so much.

What happened to us? We used to be great.

What happened to us? We used to be strong.

What happened to us? We used to have hope.

What happened to us? We used to laugh.

I used to wake up with a smile.

I used to believe in us.

I used to have hope.

I used to be happy.

So what will be become now?

So where do we go from here?

So how does this get better?

So who do I have now?

My world fell apart at the start of losing you. You said you'd always be there. You say I won't lose you but I know I already have. They're ripping us apart. I'm tearing at the seams. All my worst nightmares have become as real as my dreams. I feel myself giving up, my back is against the wall. Now I know you won't be there to catch me any time I fall. I'm sinking to the ground and starting to cry. They pulled us apart so fast I didn't even get to say goodbye. This is all too much for me, all I know is that it hurts. I feel all the pain and this makes me feel the worst.

I'm falling. I'm crashing. I'm burning. I'm crying. I'm losing. I'm failing. I'm breaking. I'm dying.

Have you ever felt your world end? Have you ever broken so bad you can't recognize yourself? Have you ever wanted to slip out of this life and hope for better? Have you ever lost everything?

What will we become? Now that we're far apart. Now that it's all over. Now that I've lost you. Now that I can't feel. Now that I have nothing. What will we become?

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