Midnight Thinking*

A "diary" about whatever I think of at night. Not exactly midnight, but you get the point. It can just be what I might be thinking at the end of the day because if I stayed up 'til midnight to write this every night I'd be in danger of some major sleep deprivation. In truth, I just liked the title (which may or may not end up being a book title of mine). Anyway, these thoughts could end up being as short as a sentence or as long as a few pages. So, enjoy my ramblings.


5. A Little Human Interaction



        I haven’t written in a while, I know.

        Well, I’ve written, just not publically. Which basically means I was writing in my journal rather than online. I feel that sometimes a regular old pen and paper does more than any electronic device. Especially for the sake of the soul. People need that physicality sometimes. The world is so enclosed and not enclosed at the same time.

        You can talk to a person on the other side of the world with the touch of a button, but most people tend to forget about the things right in front of them. Our lives pass us by before we know it as we watch videos of people we think are better. As we talk to that person from China or Canada, we forget about the people where we are. Our families are shoved out of the picture and we make room for people and places that are practically unattainable on the other side of the world.

        At the Olive Garden where I live, they’ve installed touch pads to play games and order food on. Is human communication really that bad? Are we so engrossed in something like a game of Candy Crush to see that the paper menu is right in front of us? Are we now too good to talk to each other? Can we not be bothered anymore for such useless actions when all we have now are flat, metal, cold bars of wires and glass?

        We adjust to the coldness of that device, don’t we? We forget the warmth of other humans. When we’re upset, we post it on Instagram or Facebook instead of going to a friend or family member. We’d rather be comforted by strangers instead of the people we hold the closest to our hearts.

        Wake up world, you’ve been replaced by an unemotional box!

        I simply don’t understand it. I love my phone and computer as much as the next guy, but I’d much rather be around and talk to the people in my life face to face rather than see them on just a screen.

        We, as humans, are forgetting how to properly communicate with each other. It used to be as simple as chatting with someone in the grocery line. Now all anyone can do is awkwardly stare and act unkind toward one another. We don’t know how to interact anymore. Some of us are introverted, it’s just the way we are, and we’re shy. But not everyone is like that, but soon, everyone will be. We will soon forget what it feels like to just humbly say hello and smile.

        But, wait a minute, a text message or update is more important than that, right? Don’t let humanity disturb you. The world won’t wait until you’re done, though. Your life will go on whether you’re living it or not. Staring at a screen all day isn’t living. Watching Netflix and seeing how a character lives their lives isn’t how you should live yours. Its fun sometimes, it’s nice to give reality a break, but inevitably we all must step back into our lives and live it.

        So, next time you have dinner, make it a no-phone zone. I even have a friend whose family won’t let her have her phone after 7:00. She has to sit down with her family and talk about her day. You don’t need an outlet for a power-up, what you need is human interaction – all that we can get.

       Stop smiling at your screen and try smiling at a real, actual person once in a while. You’d be surprised, you might actually have a life changing conversation with them. The importance of each other has gone down and I don’t like it. Just close your computer, turn off that phone, and go talk to someone you love while you can.

        Technology is taking over the world, don’t let it take over your life.


                           Just say hello,




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