Midnight Thinking*

A "diary" about whatever I think of at night. Not exactly midnight, but you get the point. It can just be what I might be thinking at the end of the day because if I stayed up 'til midnight to write this every night I'd be in danger of some major sleep deprivation. In truth, I just liked the title (which may or may not end up being a book title of mine). Anyway, these thoughts could end up being as short as a sentence or as long as a few pages. So, enjoy my ramblings.


2. <3


        Thought of the night:

        The human heart is a very controversial object. In literal form, it's basically a muscle, it's the basis for a human life. It consists of your aorta, vena cava, a couple of valves, and many more arteries and veins. The heart is a human necessity. If you have no heart, you're dead.

        But, metaphorically speaking, it's the basis for love. The heart is a symbol for happiness and love and romanticism. In fact, the geometric shape of a heart was created to signify two human hearts put together as a whole, as one. Its the meaning of soulmate. When two hearts are as one, you've found true love. That's how it goes, right?

        The heart means many different things to many different people. I consider it to be the thing that keeps us alive and the thing that holds us together. Without a heart you become cold, such as in death and as an emotional state. Caring and compassion stem from your heart, and so does circulation and blood. The same shape, the same organ, mean two completely different things, but also two very alike things.

        The heart can make someone warm or cold. Warm as in life or love and cold as in dead or meanness. Both pertain to you: a human being. Without a heart, a person isn't much. But with one, you can be so much more that what you think. What I think is that every person has a little warmth and a little cold. The heart is more than just a muscle, but it's also more than just a symbolic symbol for love.

        Whatever you think your heart really means, make sure you always treat it right. Never give it to someone who won't care for it and always remember that no matter how "cold" a person may seem, we all, as humans, have a heart.


        Spread the love,

                         -- Ayame


        P.S. The inspiration for this little Thought would be my Medical Terminology class, and you guessed it, we're studying the human heart. Also, I really like this issue. (:


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