Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


7. The Wrong Ones

The girls in the softball team went to pratitice they saw all the pink clothing and pink spaltter everywhere in their clothes and their baseball collections, helmets,bats and most imporantly their clecets the girls got them back with bugs and honey and got them in trouble with the coach the girls got away with everything but it wasn't over yet karen had something to get them back she brought them soap and water because of the boys on the team stinks so they have everything included the other prank ceral and spoil milk thrown on them the girls were getting ready for class the next day the girls went to the principal and the boys on the team in trouble again.

The boys has to get them back so what they did is going to be too extreme they're going to show pictures of them looking like them in the morning looking ugly and scary these girls look at their phone and getting laugh at so the team has gone too far with their pranks and no one is even going to apologize because the boys started everything on the team.

The teammates decided to talk to each other separtely they're all going to see what plot do they have under their sleeve wish that they can go to court for all money that they spent for the baseball supplies except the fact that they all have their own money even the parents had to help them out the point is their not to do foolish things like this because the teammates has their last straw to get the team back the boys had a plot and it's about to get real.

The teams were about to get dirty with their pranks and revenge until they have to apologize when they all got in trouble with the pricipale they all have detention until four and when peyton heard about karen being in detention they ground her and not let her be on the team anymore this isn't what baseball is about getting revenge and getting pranked that is part of her punsihment.

Now they all learn a lesson because they have to tell the truth and they had to write to every person on the team that I won't even going to prank or hurt that person ever again brandon had his team doing chores and extra work on the team and on the feild the girls did the same thing every person had to make a apology letter for the teams once the team gets their act together then the team will do games and be in touraments for right now no one is playing on the team. 

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