Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


9. Play Games

The games were about to be different from the good for the girls and for the boys difficult they know they know how to handle how much trouble that they gotten since they prank the girls and especially the ones that had this idea to do so.

Every day they had to do practice and practice until they get tired of being in the field of the time of the day so things are perfect for the girls they actually took their time and practice on their own karen hadn't been able to play because peyton had still have to make sure that she deal with the consequences when it comee to leadership and team work that doesn't mean prank the whole baseball team.

The game was ready to take the lead in the world of their own games karen had to sit out and the game has still got some work to do peyton has been wanting to get where they're at when the team work happens when they don't make a fool of yourself so of course the boys won as usual.

The boys played fairly and honesty when they both have a chance to know about the new games and more importantly team work is everything to the girls first then the boys were cheating since they hasn't added any other people to be accepted for the game.

Peyton remembered how brandon treated her team but nothing was even more to let go and on the inside the most part she could've been having her teammates back to her to be friends with.

Brandon time is ticking for them to play baseball they decide to have another one game for the boys who knows whichever is greater than the girls they eventually weren't even going to let them bother the girls because they have brains to be smart and for a minute and planned to do with the plot to know how to win the game.

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