Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


6. Outside

As a sweetheart that karen is she decides to do a bake sale for school and the team her friends wanted to help out to but she wants to do this by herself she rather do that than being bossy to her friends the team are more protein than ever before. Karen was even better than yesterday because she power up with coffee even though she doesn't even drink it but tonight is the game for both teams they hope things won't get ugly for both of them.

Karen team was giving positive feedback for for every team member since the day she started the team she giving the time to have activities and have fun like her parents are always doing all the time she needed to make sure that she doesn't get nervous and tries her best to pitch a good ball for them to win.

They are all excited about this game against the boys the game was getting very heated and of course the boys won they had more practice and great posture for their game they were teasing the girls this was not over for both teams. 

Karen didn't even put the team down the boys and Brandon has experience and knowledge of what baseball is about to be different game their all tired of playing but they need to take a break from the bad they felt like they were doing a lot of work which they did Peyton and Brandon wanted to let the jealous goes over waste. 

They wouldnt even going to let the boys and Brandon team put them down they kept picking on them but they went in like they were about to fight the boys their use to it the girls wanted a rematch no  coaches this time just them alone in the field karen curfew was going to be tricky they all have school but karen has to do this for the team. 

Karen sneak out of the house and saw the team and went to the car they went into the field and had their rematch and guess what the girls win the match and the boys were going to get them back some way or another they are only half way tried to realize that the boys has experince well the girls were going to let that happen one way or the other karen was extremely tired when she came back school was this morning she slept all morning on the bus and in class her friends was tired too. The girls thinkn that this was a big misunderstood with the boys being strong and the girls being so called weak problems is they all being sexist over petty baseball and softball between boys and girls so they going to get the boys back for them being rude.



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