Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


10. Non Stop Love

Baseball season is coming to an end for both teams so now school is going to be okay for all of them who are doing good so far as the day goes well with the teams brandon and peyton being married that doesn't have nothing to do with their own teams to win.

Brandon was feeling pretty much confident that the game was a tournament and they practice until dark and that is when the communication to the teams who were bickering and didn't get along with the pranks and name calling they weren't even going to let things over the tournament ruin a great friendship.

So things have changed once the game had started the game going on and on until it was over the only news is that it was a tie because both teams were winning doesn't matter about the trophy they have to pick karen against one of the baseball boy both teams won again so they call it a night of the time of their lives.

They went to celebrate and peyton is having another child and peyton hopes that she is having a sister because she can dress her up so that said the cola kisses has been wanting to do one more thing to remember as brandon and peyton being dating through marriage not only were they against each other as teammates they going somewhere that is special.

Peyton knew one thing that brandon which she loves to be around for a very long time no one is going anywhere as their team to be winners and share the same trophy that they won together so they could be the first ones to win.

Karen thought perhaps the most of the time during the game and being married wasn't going to let their marriage do anything but being supportive of them together bringing the postive in them was a feedback of how team work is suppse to become.

When they got home the kids and peyton was watching tv then brandon loves all of the people that was in his life for a long time never everytime they kiss peyton lips taste like Coca-Cola, he will never let go of his family, whatever all he got is at home, all the secrets were the pages of their chapter of their marriage, love is a crazy thing for people who had met for so many things could be a love perfection, going outside the screen is taking pictures  through how beautiful your soul mate is, messing with the wrong ones meaning that teasing the ones that tries to get along with the same people that treated yoi like you're a nobody, make a difference when you're married you make a commitment with youe vows to the wife to be someday, playing games is when you work hard to find your talent or something is taken work with that person and the ending has non stop by the time to listen to what people have to say how ever many times that love is non stop making a world to a difference between the two of them makes them who they are today.

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