Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


1. My kisses taste like Cola

Brandon and Peyton are married now their newlyweds Peyton was happy to live in the house that she lives with the love of her life her friends were calling her non stop he wanted peyton to have his kids someday which they did Peyton had their first child Karen and they still going to live life with their baby girl.

Peyton and Brandon used to play sports and do what other people does when they play sports peyton is a tomboy at most of the time during high school she played softball and be in the team for a while before she got married it was like her kisses tastes like Coca-Cola because everytime Brandon kissee her she drinks a few colas all the time.

Peyton loves brandon even when he is really a headache at most times her and Karen spent some time at the mall they were talking about her saying when she is too young to be married to a prince she dream of it well peyton dreamt about the same thing she brings her home and went to sleep.

Brandon and Peyton were living in a small house they plan on having another time but sooner than later because they love children and their dream is to have a family no matter what they can't afford they still care for a child.

Their parents came over and to see Karen peyton started on dinner and drinks for the guests karen had toys and play with the kids brandon pass out the drinks and snacks they really want to help out the door was open by more guests arrive in the house.

They all had a good time when their families and friends came over and enjoy their new home in California they have planned to be there for a while because they have new jobs brandon job is a baseball coach and Peyton is the weatherwoman of the news they loved their jobs it's fun and they will be able to have fun and be young with being married.

Brandon and peyton being married is going to be a good time for them because of what they have since high school peyton has their second child adopted tamia and they kiss then again her kisses tastes like Coca-Cola. 

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