Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


5. Love Perfection

Peyton did the kids hair and karen wanted to be in her mother team she tried out but it was too late for her to try out since their can only be one person she was going to let karen be the last to try out and thankfully she got in with the middle schoolers and high schoolers she is the not the only person that is in elementary school her two best friends even try out and their parents played baseball and softball for many years.

Karen was pitcher and her grip is great for the first time when she toss the ball and they all did great they have a game they were excited for the first game karen was having some issues with people watching her do stuff that she is great at that is her weakness and her strength is to face her fear. 

Brandon and peyton is loving california and they didn't compalin about one thing about it later today practice for softball and baseball teams between them both are going against each other all the way they practice and work their butts off to continue to work on what is their motivation and the other part is to learn what they have done to get here.

Karen wasn't even going to let the team down even if she is scared her friends are getting ready for their school dance it was just the girls and especially the ones who wanted tp dance didn't even tried to show up they just sat their and compalin because the girls wasn't going even give them the time of the day.

The first day of fall is exciting for sweaters and boots for karen and her friends today they had testing to do with their teachers and the students to be working on some new stuff later in the regular school hours karen was very busy with school and playing softball and the game is tomorrow they had practice after school. 

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