Cola Kisses

This is about two married couples in their twenties Brandon and Peyton were living life while their married their honeymoon was their way to get a chance to change the world for them to have fun.


3. All I got

Peyton and Brandon went to work and the kids went to school and all their friends visit them at work they ask about the kids and their jobs also even the games mostly because they haven't seen them played baseball games or teams in a while since high school.

Brandon always goes to the baseball games but not actually a real game they were saying "ohh now I know what you're talking about" brandon said they came to visit to go to the game tonight they'll love too the kids are going too but one karen had practice for softball team that she is trying out. 

All of the people got in for free at the game all this time they had love of the favorite teams that they saw they were a bit nervous because they have made a bet if someone lose that means they have to buy them dinner for the rest of the whole game who wins is they get to buy them a new phone.

The baseball team guess who won brandon and peyton being the most important part of the team they know that every baseball team and what are their strength and weakness they are eating good last night. An old friend call brandon and his ex girlfriend decide to take care of the team and work on their practice for the game.

Peyton and Brandon used to talk about everything and between the two of them were confused too at the way things were going to see she isn't insecure about the whole thing is that the new one is only hers.

Brandon and Peyton were living in the morning away from the bad and good they are going to do a little more than a foggy day they are going to do a lot for them the most important things is a good person should tell what is going on who you with and where you going.

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