Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


4. Prolouge

     Four young babies born, each seem healthy, each seem normal, and well, normal.  Except these four are to become the only hope to save the mythical realm.  Another dimension away, the Comet Unleasher opened her eyes.  Though she seemed only 13 or 14, her eyes shone with wisdom beyond countless years on Earth.  

     "They are here."  It was a simple statement, but it weaved the fate of every living being in the world.  Deep underground, to the place that metal can never harden, a deep rumble saluted the awakening of the Evil, and Evil's master herself.  Above ground where the mythical creatures are preparing tiresley for war, Taeron opens his ancient eyes as well, and sighs an ancient breath.

     "It is upon us now."

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