Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


13. Chapter 9 - Seeing the other side

"There is an art of seeing things as they are: Without naming, without being caught in a network of words, and without thinking interfering with perception." - Jiddu Kristnamurti 


    Abby watched as her best friend came into view.  She watched as she slammed her car door, and then stopped dead in her tracks.  She watched as she tilted her head to one side as if she was listening to something far off, and she saw a tear roll down her cheek as if she had heard something really sad.  When Abby looked behind Courtney, she saw a dark figure looming over her like it was going to hurt her, but just as it's hand went up, Courtney moved toward her direction, and the figure vanished.  

     This wasn't the first time Abby had see something like this.  When she was younger, she saw things similar to this, but normally only in her dreams.  When she had turned 14, the figures turned up everywhere, but when one seemed like it touched a human, the human would collapse.  It was like the person feinted, but they never got up, and they never would, because when they were touched, something else came out after the hand left them.  Abby soon learned that this had to be their soul.  She didn't know what it was, but she knew that she wasn't going crazy.  

     While she was thinking, she watched Courtney make her way over, wiping her eyes as she went.

     "Hey Courtney, what's up?"  With a quivering voice, she answered.

     "Nothing, my dad just took away my phone, and we had a disagreement this morning."  

     "Okay, are you sure you're okay?  You know you can tell me anything, I won't think it's weird.  Believe me, I've had weirder happen to me."  Laughing a grim laugh, she looked her old friend in her eyes.  Whispering a harsh whisper, Courtney answered.

     "Well, it's just that I've been hearing things lately that aren't possible.  I could hear the garbage truck when it was 5 blocks away this morning, and when I got out of the car and my dad drove off, I could hear him praying." Looking at Abby, she expected to see laughter dancing in her eyes, but all she saw was understanding.  

     "When I was little, I would see these figures made out of all black, not human, that would rise out of the shadows and take people's souls.  On my 14th birthday, it became where I could see them during the day too.  I would see them take people's souls, and the person would never get up again.  It's been like this for as long as I can remember.  I haven't known what to do, so I just kept it to myself."  Courtney looked at her and then a second later, he face turned pale.  

     "B-b-behind you!"  Spinning around, Abby came face to face with a very tall man.  He wore darkly tinted sunglasses, to cover his eyes, and a hat upon his head, drawn over his ears.  Holding up his hands, she spoke a word that neither of them could quite decipher.  The world slowed down to a standstill.  No one moved, there was no clamor.  Even the bugs were silent.

     "Greetings Courtney and Abby, I am Taeron, leader of the Supernaturals and keeper of the magic realm."  It is good to finally meet you face to face.

     "What did you do to the world?"  Abby asked.

     "I stopped time."

     "Time can't be stopped, whether it's by magic or by some other means.  Some part of a universe is always going."  Assessing her over his sunglasses, he replied

     "You are right.  While this world has stopped, my world, the magic realm continues to go."  Nodding, Abby accepted the answer, and then spoke up again.

     "You want us to go with you don't you?"  


     "We are needed somewhere else."


     "You aren't human are you?"

     "No."  While they were exchanging questions and answers, Courtney was just a little freaked out.  She didn't know what was going on.  Interrupting, she spoke up.

     "Will someone please tell me what's going on?"  Taeron answered.

     "Courtney, you are not a human.  You are part of the magic realm.  I am an elf.  I've been here since the comet unleashing happen, and since then, I have lead Supernaturals like yourself against the darkness that was created along side of the good.  You are only one part of a prophecy that will save the magic realm.  You have the gift of hearing, and possibly shifting.  You can hear things very far away, yes?"  Numbly, Courtney nodded.

     "Your friend Abby has the gift of being able to see demons in their true form.  She also has the gift of knowing what has happen in the past, and she has an outlook on what will happen in the future.  Truly a gift that needs to be developed.  You two are both half of the prophecy that must be fulfilled."  Taeron removed his glasses, and his eyes were bright blue.  Removing his hat, he revealed ears that were pointed and very tall.  

     "Please, both of you must cross into the magic realm.  We need you both to save this world, and ours."  Holding out his hand, Abby took it, and motioned for Courtney to do so also.  Hesitant, she looked at it without moving.

     "Courtney, it will be okay.  We need to do this, or something horrible is going to happen.  Trust me."  Looking at her friend, she sighed.

     "And my dad?  My family?  What will happen?"

     "When you cross into the magic realm, your family and everyone you know will forget you, until you cross back into the human realm.  But the more time you spend in the magic realm, the less your family and everyone you know will remember you when you cross back into the human realm."  Mortified, Courtney knew she'd be giving up everything she loved for a world she didn't belong to.  

     "Courtney, please, this isn't our world.  You will find that the magic realm is something more wonderful then you could imagine."  She didn't want her family to forget her, but thinking back to what this Taeron guy said, she realized that if she didn't do this, then the human world would be destroyed, and her family would die.  Taking a deep breath, she prepared to make the biggest choice in her life.

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