Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


7. Chapter 3 - The Almost Normal Day

"Sometimes me think, 'What is a Friend?' and them me say,

'A friend is someone to share the last cookie with.'  - Cookie Monster

13 Years Later


Ringggggg!  Ringggggg!

     Kara fumbled with her alarm as it went off.  Sleepily, she reached for her phone and turned it on.  There were two new messages.  One from two of her best friends; Hazel and Blythe.  They all went to the same high school, though Hazel had skipped a grade to get into Freshman year at Highlands Ranch.  Hazel was one of her closest most trusted people.  She was adopted into a family that didn't really care, after she had spent most of her life on the streets.  Though she was treated well enough, she spent as much time as she could with either her or Blythe.  They were all very close and their families got along very well.  (Well, no one could get along with Hazel's parents)  She answered both as she rolled off the top bunk.  Her youngest sister, Lucy, slept under her while her sisters Cassandra and Bella slept in separate rooms.

Blythe: Hey, good morning.  Txt me when ur up.

Kara: Alright, alright, I'm up.  Gracious, what are you doing up so early?


Hazel: Text me when you're up.  I have something to tell you.

Kara: Okay yeah, I'm awake.


     Kara didn't know what it was about Hazel, but she always seemed to know exactly what to say at exactly the right time.  Kara always felt as though Hazel was more then what she portrayed.  Two new dings immediately sounded as Hazel responded.


Hazel: Do you think I could come over this morning?  I don't need breakfast or anything, just a ride to school.  

Hazel: Parents were fighting again last night.

Kara: Sure.  My mom won't care. She'll be happy to see you.  Are you okay?  Your parents didn't hurt you or anything, right?

Hazel: ummmmm.

Kara: Plz tell me ur ok.


Sighing as Hazel didn't answer, she looked at Blythe's response.


Blythe: Can I come over?  I wanted to give you a book before school.

Kara: Sure, Hazel is coming over too.  We can all just walk.  

Kara: I'll text you back, I gtg eat some b-fast.


     Stumbling down to the kitchen, she grabbed some cereal off the counter and went to grab some milk.  However, the milk was not in the fridge.  That's weird.  She thought.  When Kara turned around, the milk was sitting on the counter behind her right next to her cereal.  She fell.  Her parents came running downstairs.

     "Are you okay?! What just happened?!"  Her mom helped her up, and her dad looked worried.

     "Yeah, I'm fine.  I just slipped that's all."  Kara didn't think that telling her parents that the milk had mysteriously gotten from the fridge to the counter without her moving it, was a good idea.  

     "Okay, just be careful Kara."  Getting through the rest of her routine, she had just sat down when her doorbell rang.  Answering it, she found Blythe standing outside.  They hugged and exchanged greetings.  A few minutes later, her door bell rang again.  When she answered it however, Hazel was standing outside with a bloody cut running down her face. 

     "Oh my gosh.  Hazel!!  ARE YOU OKAY?! WHAT HAPPEN!"  Warily smiling, and coughing up blood, Hazel hobbled into the house.

     "Dad got mad and took a beer glass.  Threw it, and it hit my face.  Nothing too bad."

     "Not too bad?!  Hazel your face is all cut up!"  At that moment, Kara's parent's walked down, took one look at Hazel, and rushed over.  

     "Oh my gosh!  What happened?"  Hazel explained her situation again and her parents looked worried.  Her mom spoke up.

     "Hazel, we've been talking, and - " 

     "Mrs. Smith, we really need to get to school.  We'll be late."  Both her parents and Blythe exchanged looks.  

     "Okay, but Hazel, we need to clean up your face."  After wiping off all the dried blood and all the dirt, Kara's mom applied bactine, and left the wound open to heal by air.  When they were finished, they filed out of the house and into the garage.  As they got into the car, Kara mumbled to Blythe,

     "What was that?" 

     "I'll tell you later."  Blythe whispered back. 


    It was lunch time, and Kara, Blythe, and Hazel were sitting at a table close to the exit doors.  It was always Hazel's preference to sit near an exit, though neither Blythe nor Kara knew why.  There was still something in the back of Kara's mind that she just had to talk about.  She knew that Blythe and Hazel would never judge her, so she felt fine talking with them.

    "Hey guys, I have something to say, though it's going to sound crazy."  

    "You know that nothing will sound crazy to us, Kara."  Hazel smiled at her, and pat her hand in support.  Taking a deep breath, she explained what had happen that morning with the milk.  When she was done, she looked at both of her friends.  Blythe looked like she had something to say about it, but kept quiet.  When she looked at Hazel, however, there was a glimmer of realization in her eyes, though she hid it as soon she noticed her looking.  Weird.  I'll have to talk to her later about that.  As Blythe took another bite of her sandwich, Hazel spoke up.

    "Would you like to say anything?"  Directing it to Blythe.

     "Gah....I...no?"  Hazel sighed.

    "You know, you shouldn't lie.  Especially to your friends."  Hazel had this amazing ability to know when anyone was lying.  She could almost call out anything that was wrong or untruthful.  She really was special.  

    "Fine.  You're right Hazel.  Last night, I woke up at 1 a.m. it was dark, and I needed light.  Instead of the light turning on, my hand flamed up in fire.  When I finally calmed down, the fire went out, and there was no damage to my hand or anything I had touched.  It was like the fire was just a projection.  What is happening to us?"  Blythe looked scared, but this time, when Kara looked at Hazel, her face was emotionless.  There was no recognition, nothing.  What the heck is going on?  Just as she finished thinking, Hazel's face became a mask of anger.  A second later, Kara saw the reason why.  Hazel was getting text messages from her mom, although she couldn't read them, Kara knew that something was wrong.

     "Excuse me, I'll see you both tonight."  With that, Hazel got up from the table and left the cafeteria.  Kara looked over at Blythe, and she shrugged. 

     "Don't ask me, I have no idea."  

     "Well, I have another question for you.  What happen this morning between you and my parents?"  Blythe froze.

     "Kara, look, you know how Hazel's situation is getting really bad?"


     "Well, our parents have been talking, and they want to take Hazel into custody.  They want to take her out of her parents hands so she'll be safe."

     "You know Hazel will flip right?  She won't leave her parents.  No matter what they do, she will always love them."

     "Which is why you need to talk to her.  She is closer to you than anyone Kara.  Please, I can't bear to see Hazel keep getting hit and beat by her parents because they don't get along.  Can you?"  Kara was caught.  She knew that Hazel would keep getting hurt if she stayed with her parents, but, if she was taken away, then she would be unhappy.  

     "Fine, I'll talk to her for you and for her sake too.  Wait...why didn't I know about this?"  

     "Because, Kara, you would've told her, and she would've freaked.  You also would've taken it wrong.  I'm sorry, you're my best friend but I was told to keep you from this until you were ready.  I'm still not sure if you were ready for the truth."

     "I am.  I'll tell her tonight."

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