Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


6. Chapter 2 - The Council

     "The only people I owe my loyalty to, are those who have never made me question theirs." - Anonymous


     It took two days to assemble the council of the shifters.  Though not every tribe of original shifters could be represented by their alpha, they were at least represented by their second in command.  I slowly rolled over all their names again, along with their tribe.


Longtooth - Alpha - Tigers

Quicktail - Alpha - Cheetahs

Prideheart - Alpha - Lions

Mightysword - Beta - Bears

Howlingwind - Alpha - Eagles

Fireflare - Alpha - Dragons

Strippedfur - Beta - Horses

Poundingsoul - Beta - Elephant

Shadowslinker - Alpha - Panthers

Silkstreak - Alpha - Hawks

Toothblaze - Beta - Fox

Windrunner - Alpha - Phoenix 


     Everyone was catching up with each other, though no big news.  It was the usual; a sighting of a demon there, a battle or squabble here, something popping up in some other place.  Except there was no talk about wanting to go and join the other supernaturals.  They all knew that I was to make that decision and they all respected my predicament in the situation.  To be honest, I think that many of them were content with staying out of the war for now.  Prideheart came up to me and bowed, signaling my authority over him, and I bowed back, signaling that we were equals.  

     "WhiteFang."  He greeted me with a deep voice and a mouth that had four long fangs.

     "Prideheart.  It is good to see you again.  It has been too long.  How are you?"

     "Very well, thank you WhiteFang.  I agree, it has been too long, though I can't help but tell you that Sonicflash hasn't seemed to be whethered by age regarding his speed.  He's as fast as ever, and practically gave my guarding lions a heart attack!"  Prideheart gave a low chuckle, and there was only warmth behind it.

     "Well, I will have to warn Sonicflash to slow his speed down, but I think that he only has one speed.  Hyper-speed."  We were both enjoying each other's company.

     "Between you and I, I think that my lions needed the jump start."  I laughed and looked over our council.  We were all old and ancient.  All old friends, and all people that I cared about.  Well, except for Toothblaze.  As I remember he had recently won against the standing Beta of the foxes Cunningeye.  Now, taking Beta, Toothbalze was inexperienced and unable to hold his tongue.

     "Ahh, I think it's time to get this meeting started."  I stood up, and called to the council.

     "Alright friends, it's time to call this meeting to attention and time to discuss an important matter.  I thank you for coming, and taking the time to come out.  We all have this topic looming over our heads, and we all know how big this is. - "  

     "WhiteFang!  Enough with this foolishness!  You have called us here to discuss the Four, but we all know that no matter what we say, you will do what you want!"  Toothblaze's voice cut over mine, and he blasted at me.  

     "Toothblaze, we all know that you have been trying to trick the humans into helping your tribe survive.  You are being taken in by humans in your fox form pretending you're hurt and need help.  You take advantage of those who don't have powers or the sight.  If I were WhiteFang, I would have you banished."  Longtooth snarled at Toothblaze.  He looked like he was going to lunge at Toothblaze, so I decided to stop the "ripping-out-of-throats" for now.

     "ENOUGH!  Now, I don't CARE who did what, or what they did.  I really don't.  If we don't address the situation of the Four, then we will have NOTHING to care about.  No one to beg for shelter, no one to even love. DO YOU ALL HEAR ME??!!!"  One by one, the council nodded.  Now that I was calmer, I continued.

     "Okay now, my plan is to protect them myself.  I would be able to keep an eye on them as well as defeat any darkness that comes to them until they are of age.  If anyone else has an idea, then I am open to it, or any questions that need to be answered."  A quiet voice spoke up in the back.

     "If you are to keep them safe, who will act in your position?"

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     "Should you need an acting leader, Shadowslinker, then Starlight will be the one that you answer to.  However, I do not think that it will be necessary, seeing how I'm not doing to be dead.  You will be able to contact me at any point in the day, and should you need my help, you will get it.  I'm not going to just up and leave.  My pack comes first, and everyone in it.  That includes all of the Tribes of Shifters."  Shadowslinker nodded his approval and stepped back.  Windrunner took his place.

     "So if we need you, you will come?  Even if the Four are dying?"  I sighed.

     "Windrunner, I told you before the Shifters will always come first no matter what, but the Four are destine to save all of our lives.  If you are dying, or the Shifters are dying, then I will leave it in the hands of Taeron's men to take care of."

     "And if we are not dying, but are getting attacked, will you not come?"

     "I will still come.  Taeron will have to deal with whatever happens."  Quicktail also stepped forward.

     "And would you be willing to pledge that to us?  Bound by everything?"  I bowed my head.  

     "Yes, I will bind that to you if you wish."

     "No, WhiteFang, just knowing that you are willing is enough for me."  Both Windrunner and Quicktail bowed as they stepped back.  None of the other Shifters moved to step forward, so I spoke up again.

     "Very well, should you have any concerns, I will be here until sundown.  The council can mingle for a while, but first, I have one more thing we need to address."

     "Really, another thing?"  Toothblaze sneered and rolled his eyes.

     "Oh yes, another thing, and you know, I think, I just think, if I remember, it's about you."  Fear licked at every part of Toothblaze's face.

     "Me, WhiteFang?"

     "You."  I continued while Prideheart and Poundingsoul moved to hold Toothbalze in place.  The other council members moved to block any sort of exit.  This was a ritual that all council members were familiar with.  Toothblaze had insulted the Shifters as well as everyone around him.  I wouldn't stand for it, and he was to be punished.

     "Toothblaze, on this day, you have insulted me, and as it was brought to my attention, are seeking refuge with humans to 'Survive'.  These crimes cannot go unpunished.  You are young and inexperienced, you don't know the councils ways.  So I will explain them.   

     You, as acting Beta of the foxes are allowed one alibi of the council to stand for your honor, nobility, and justice.  Should they stand for you, and you are found guilty, then they will be brought down with you to whatever punishment is proclaimed.  Should you be found innocent, however, then you and your alibi will stay where you are.  

     Because you are not an Alpha, you are able to be demoted to the lowest place within your Tribe.  However, it is up to your Alpha to decide where you stand.  I have sent Sonicflash to notify Redpelt that you are here and being held.  

     Should your Alpha also be found to have knowledge of your crime and you doing it, and did not report it to me, or another standing council member, then he too will be withdrawn from his position and I will strip him of his title, tribe, and possibly his power.

     You have the right to remain silent, however, do remember that I'm the comet unleasher and can rip through your memories faster then you can blink.  

     Should violence be used in anyway, we will take that as a sign that you are guilty and punish you accordingly.  Same applies should you try and shift."  Just as I finished, Redpelt arrived with Sonicflash.

     "Thank you Sonicflash, you are dismissed."

     "Redtail, thank you for coming."  Redtail's eyes glowed like black coals in the night.

     "WhiteFang, I am sorry that this happen.  Please do know that I had no intention of him acting in this manner.  I do understand that you must check my memories, so please do so.  I can say nothing more then that."  I bowed, and blazed through his memories, and nothing entailed that he knew anything of which Toothblaze was accused of.  I did the same with Toothblaze's and found nothing but hatred and cheating.  I portrayed this to the council and they all agreed that he was to be punished.  When I turned back to Toothblaze, he was laughing an evil laugh, and was slowly shifting into a fox.  Except this time, his coat gleamed black and shadows crept over his pelt.  Two seconds later, he vanished into the darkness.  I stood there, watching the darkness overtake him, and I could do nothing to stop it.

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