Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


20. Chapter 15 - A debate of choices

"To say you are done is only to proclaim that you have more to do." - FrostWolf

     It was finally complete.  I could rest.  All four were together at last.  Unfortunately, my work was never done.  Yes, the four could fine me, but only if they worked in complete harmony with each other which might as well be trying to get a lion and a mouse to work together.

     Bloodheart was curled up around me, and I snuggled closer into his warm fur.  He placed his huge head on my shoulder and I looked into his clear blue eye.  

     Have I done the right thing?  I asked mentally.


    Are you just saying that because I'm your mate?

    No...maybe...no.  You did the right thing because those four need to learn to work together.  It's time they start acting like the chosen four.

     I love you.

    I love you more.  Bloodheart became very close to me, and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.  All my instincts told me to keep going, but it was not the time. 

     Not now, not yet, soon.

    You've been saying that for so long now.  I need you, WhiteFang.  Please?  I groaned, but because of my wolf form, it sounded more like a chuff.  

     Fine.  I submitted to him, and our night took off from there.

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