Whispers of the Wolves

Two sets of four life long friends grow up in a seemingly normal life, until one day, things catch fire without a match, things move without being picked up, they can hear things miles away, and they see things that are never meant to be seen. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes telling them that they are destine to save the world that they grew up in, and the world that they belong to; one where the animals talk, mountians get up and move, and magic is everywhere. Given a quest to find the hidden Shifters, they go on a quest of a lifetime, learning more about themselves and the meaning of family as they battle dark demons, old wizards and witches gone bad, and their own mental challenges and friend ship challenges too.


1. Preface

Hi guys!  I love writing, and most everything I write is fantasy, involving magical creatures and other crazy fun to imagine stuff.  Also, my favorite animal is a wolf, and the way that mythology has formed around these animals is incredible.  I really hope everyone likes it, and enjoys it.  Don't hesitate to comment!  I take both good and bad!  I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing skills.  With that, enjoy your day, and keep reading!

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