Coffee Kiss

Hazel is just a simple girl in University trying to do what every other person tries to do. Pay off the massive debt of going to University. But Hazel works in a cafe where she does her job like the good worker she is. One day. One day is all it takes for her life to change from a simple, normal girl, to some one battling for life, escaping situations she would never have previously imagined herself in.
Hazel is saved by a man who doesn't just save her from death, but from a broken heart. Together they battle through hard ships that happen in life, the harsh reality that could really happen in anyone. But in this case, it wasn't just anyone. It was Hazel, and this is her story.


3. Chapter 3

"Three days." He shrugged.

Wesley was out the door before I could pester him with anymore questions, even if I was in too much of a state of shock to ask them.

I had been knocked out cold  for a grand total of three days. I would never be able to get those days back, and I had spent them doing nothing but sitting on my back sleeping. I would have been lying if I said that thought didn't bother me; ever since my mother died I learned to never take a single day for granted, I had to take the best out of every day.

I reminisced the story of my family; it was tragic for sure, maybe I could even write a whole soap opera. I had stopped complaining on the unfortunate life I had been given; my heart might still ache but that didn't mean I was going to mope for the rest of my life.

But I couldn't just believe that I had poured my heart out to a man I hardly knew, who was staying in my house, who saved my life, and even if he was incredibly gorgeous, I had no idea who Wesley really was.

Shaking my head, I decided that the first order of things was to get dressed, then I would get down to business.

As I made an attempt to move my legs, and I managed to swing them over the side without any burning sensation of pain. But now half of my body was laying on the bed while my legs dangled off the edge.

"Okay, you are about halfway there Hazel, come on get your shit together." I told myself, as I propped my body on my elbows.

Black dots dance before my vision as a lance of agony goes up my side, but I muster whatever strength I have left and push my self into a standing position.

I allowed myself a small moment of victory before I noticed that my closet was half way across my small room, and what would have been a few steps in the past was now stretched out before me like eternity.

I made it to a grand total of one step before I collapsed to the floor with a big thud, my body curling in on itself in pain.

Wesley bursts through the door, almost breaking it off it's hinges, in a position ready to fight before he caught sight of me on the floor and slapped a hand to his forehead, cursing.

"Are you stupid? Do you want to rip your stitches again, because if you are going to be like that then I would be more than happy to redo them for you so you learn not to move your ass out of bed." he growls, but he comes towards me and picked me up bridal style.

I whimpered in response, my side flaring up with every breath I took. If this was what life was like with out painkillers I was sure that I would die from the pain itself.

"What were you doing out of bed anyways you bloody idiot?" he demanded, his face sternly; like he was reprimanding a child rather than a twenty-year old adult.

At that very moment I became very aware of my half-naked state and started squirming in his arms, not caring how much pain I felt because at that moment I was sure that I was going to die from mortification.

He was holding me tightly, his arms wrapped around my bare skin, and I, only clad in my black, lacy underwear and bra.

"Let go of me!" I groaned, trying to roll out of his arms but to no avail. "I need to get dressed!"

Wesley looked at me and began laughing uproariously, his chest rumbling and the sound of his laugh lit my body on fire.

"You know, you could have just asked? I could help you." he chuckled as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, setting me back on the bed, with my head resting against the head board.

I immediately seize the covers, pulling them over my exposed body, and I huff in indignation as Wesley continues to burst into laughter.

"Fine." I growl, I knew there was little chance of me being able to get out of bed again on my own, and I wasn't going to give him another view of my almost naked state. 

He stops and looks at me curiously, his grey eyes still dancing with mirth. 

"Fine," I repeat "If you want to help me, then get me some clothes from the drawer over there." I hiss as I cross my arms, not caring as I wince in pain at the gesture.

He ceremoniously opened my top drawer and tossed me my shirt and pajama bottoms, and then he turned around to stare at me while he leaned on my small vanity.

"Well, get it the show going, going you still have a shit ton of questions to answer for me. " he smirked off-handedly.

A spark of anger lit inside of me; did he really think that just because he saved my life he got a free strip show?

"Get out. I'll call you back in when I'm done." I demanded, after all this man could be a homicidal maniac for all I knew. "Or you could just leave, forget about me and go back to your life." I said suddenly; surprising even myself.

But my nerves began to grow with each passing second, and my logical and rational mind was screaming at me that I had a stranger in my home. In my room. And I was half-naked.

He raised an eyebrow at my cold tone, and before I knew it he was leaning over me, his arms creating a cage around my head.

He placed his head so I was peering directly into his smoldering eyes, placing his head directly next to my ear he whispered "Do you know that in the past few days; I could have done so many things to you, taken you anywhere, not to mention you let me know exactly where you lived. But I didn't, if I wanted to do anything to you I would have already done it."

I gulped thickly as his words trailed terrifying yet exhilarating shots of heat through my body.

Wesley lifted his head, and traced his nose along the side of my neck, sending sparks running down my body.

I hardly knew him, and I was already wanting to tear every scrap of clothing off his handsome self with my teeth, and have a hot heated make out session. I was sure that once glance was all it took for someone to see the desire in my eyes.

Wesley moved off of me, and it felt like I could breath again and shivers ran down my spine from the heated encounter.

"And yet, you sit here; alive and untouched so calm your shit." he said bluntly, then he turned around so he was facing the wall "Come on and change, I have already been here for three days, lets not make it a fourth." he sighed.

Shakily, I grit my teeth and slowly shrug on the dark blue t-shirt; managing to stifle the groan of pain. I rapidly slipped on my shorts, keeping my eyes glued to Wesley so he wouldn't sneak a peek.

Even if the man undressed me and repeatedly saw me half naked, there was still a shred of pride swirling around my being that still didn't want him watching me change.

"Okay, you can turn around now." I said, as I struggled to pull my hair out of my shirt.

He turned around and a frown clouded his features, and he crossed his arms as if he was disappointed. "I think I preferred you when you were still half naked." he said seriously.

I breathed out a chuckle; wincing as it shot throes of pain through my side. 

Wesley popped out his elbow, as if he were a gentleman from the 1700s, and placed my hand in the crook of his arm.

I swear his personality took so many turns I was going to get whiplash just trying to keep up with his mood swings. It went from angry asshole, to worried, to angry, to considerate, and then he was an asshole again.

"Let's have some breakfast, you might as well get some meat back on those bones." he said as he helped me into a standing position.

I grimaced as I muscled through the dulled agony, leaning mostly on Wesley for support.

We managed to make it into the hall before he let out a frustrated groan and picked me up in his arms, his long legs taking us to the kitchen faster than it would have taken me to walk.

Gently, he set me down on a chair before going back into my small kitchen, disappearing from view.

When he comes back he has two plates balanced on his arms and two mugs of coffee. The distinct smell washes over me and I nearly sigh with delight at the thought of having a cup of black, sweet coffee.

I nodded my thanks before I practically lunged for my mug, inhaling the heavenly scent.

Distantly, I could see him watching me from the corner of my eye and I took a sip.

I coughed violently and grimaced as the terrible taste invaded my mouth, putrid and bitter.

"What the stinking hell did you put in the coffee?" I spat, a disgusted shiver running down my spine. I could feel my experienced coffee taste buds shrivel up from the foul taste.

Wesley frowned, taking a sip of his own. "What do you mean? I make splendid coffee." He stated confidently.

I gagged the thought of tasting the foul liquid again. If Wesley thought this was good coffee I was terrified to find out what he thought bad coffee tasted like.

I leaned over my counter to pour the disgusting fluid down the drain. "This is not coffee, this." I cough. "Tastes like shit."

Wesley looked confused, his perfect face scrunching in confusion.

I got up shakily, feeling some strength restored in my limbs, "I'm going to make the coffee, then you won't ever want to taste any other coffee than mine." I swore, reaching for the brewing pot.

Wesley just sat there, watching me from afar, I could feel his gaze on me.

Slowly, but surely eventually I made a lovely cup of cappuccino, coffee with steamed milk and foam at the top. I sprinkled a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg at the top and voila, my fabulous coffee was prepared.

I hobbled over to the table, trying not to spill any coffee as I muscled through the pain. I collapsed into my chair smiling with content as I handed him his cup and took a sip of my own steaming mug.

Ahhh, yes. Now that is a cup of coffee to be proud of.

I watched Wesley, interested in his reaction as he took a tentative sip of the heavenly drink.

His eyes widened, and he put the mug down with a stunned reaction on his face.

I frowned "Did you not like it?" 

He looked at me incredulously "Are you insane, that was the most delicious coffee I have ever had in my life."

I smirked, if there was one thing I truly believed I was perfect at, it was in making the best darn coffee there was.


Short and sweet, just like you guys (my wonderful readers <3) Hope you guys like it! ^_^











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