Coffee Kiss

Hazel is just a simple girl in University trying to do what every other person tries to do. Pay off the massive debt of going to University. But Hazel works in a cafe where she does her job like the good worker she is. One day. One day is all it takes for her life to change from a simple, normal girl, to some one battling for life, escaping situations she would never have previously imagined herself in.
Hazel is saved by a man who doesn't just save her from death, but from a broken heart. Together they battle through hard ships that happen in life, the harsh reality that could really happen in anyone. But in this case, it wasn't just anyone. It was Hazel, and this is her story.


1. Chapter 1

The first thing I hear in the morning is my alarm, going off at 5:00 in the morning for work, blaring "Can't Buy Me Love" by the The Beatles into my ear.

To me it had always seemed that 5:00 am was ridiculously early to go to work, especially when I work at a cafe. But I wasn't the one who made the rules. So I pried my eyes open and my body resisted the urge to leave the warmth and comfort of the sheets and comfortable pillows.

Groaning as I slipped out of bed, I head over to my small collection of clothing and picked out my usual black pants and nabbed a blue blouse form the back of my closet, slipping it over my head.

Peering around the room, I fumbled in the dark for my sneakers, in the process stubbing my toe on the door in the process.

"Ah crap!" I grunted, hobbling out to turn on the light switch.

I felt for it until I could feel the familiar stub and flipped it up, hissing as the bright light blinded my eyes which were accustomed to the dark.

Stumbling in front of the mirror, I pat down my unruly brown hair as best as I could, and glanced at my watch, it's gold hand pointing to 7:32 am.

Oh my God. 

I was late . . . My other clock was two hours behind, which meant I was two hours behind schedule, which meant I was probably going to get fired.

I rush to my car, hitting the border of the speed limit on the road, all the time cursing myself in my head.

So late, so late, you are so goddamn late.

Flying out of my car, I dash through the back entrance of the cafe where I word and quickly slip on my apron.

As I clock in, my stomach churns at the thought of the inevitable pounding which I knew I would receive for arriving so late.

My coworker eye me up and down, mouthing "You are so screwed." before turning back to attend to a customer.

I simply closed my eyes and nodded wearily, knowing what to expect, I braced myself.

My boss ran out hollering from her office at the top of her lungs, and I was sure everyone in the cafe was able to hear every word.

"Hazel, this is the last time! No more excuses or BS about why you got here late, one more tardy and I'm sorry to say that you're outta here." she shouted heatedly, her southern accent revealing itself in her anger.

I could tell she was seriously fuming, I could practically see the pure frustration in her hostile glare, her blue eyes burning a hole in my head.

My boss was something else, resembling a firefighter with the face of a girl and long blonde hair.

She could be the sweetest person or the biggest bitch in the area, and all you have to do to get on her bad side is be tardy to work. Everyday of the week.

My coworker, Victoria, let out a long breath of relief and patted me on the back.

"I swore she was going to kick your ass, she was like really pissed." She laughed nervously.

I was about to respond when a customer rung the service bell and she sauntered over, her hips swaying as she walked.

She was petite, unlike me, and had a long smooth gorgeous golden mane that ended at her waist. Her complexion was flawless, and her eyes were a blue sky on a clear summer day.

I paled to her in comparison, tall gangly 21 year old, with a brown mop of curls that ended just at my waist, and if anything was interesting about me it was my eyes.

They were often described by people as resembling a deep forest green, but to me they just looked muddy, like swamp water.

I sighed, and reminded myself that dwelling on it wouldn't get me anywhere in my life, and walked up to the counter to attend to the customers hurrying to get their coffee before their busy day ahead of them.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- *Later*

Once the day was over at 10:00 pm, I closed shop and slipped into my trust Corolla, leaning my head against the wheel.

My head was spinning from exhaustion and the last thing I wanted to do was drive home and study my things for college.

Sleep seeped into my limbs; my boss had punished me, making me take most of the orders and running about every five minutes because she needed me to throw this out and get get this and do that.

It was grueling.

My mind wandered to university; I had three classes to attend on Monday and a ton of work due, good thing it was Saturday and I had another day to work on everything.

Some one rapped sharply on my window, jolting me awake, and I looked around, confused.

My eyes were met with a homeless man's weak smile, he held his hands out to me. "Anything to spare ma'am? Would be much appreciated." he croaked.

My heart went out to the poor man, but every instinct in my body was telling me to just drive away. I shook off my apprehension and smiled warmly towards the man, rolling down the window.

"Just give me a second, let me get my change." I told him as I turned my back to him to go through my drawers, little that I had known that had been my fatal mistake.

I turned back to him, and was about to hand him a few dollars when I came face to face with a blade, pressed firmly against my neck.

The homeless man's face was no longer forlorn and innocent, instead it was twisted into a snarl, his eye glinting with greed as he eyed my wallet.

All of my self defense lessons I had when I was younger blanked from my mind, instead choosing to focus on not moving in case any movement would jerk the blade around and slit my throat open.

I gulped nervously, my throat dry and felt a trickle of blood run down my neck, staining my shirt.

"Why don't you get out of the car." he said softly, trailing the edge of his blade along the length of my throat.

I felt my hands fumble for the door handle and I remembered the can of pepper spray I had in the door, and snatched it up and hid it in my shirt as I stumbled out of the car, my legs tripping over themselves.

My legs had turned to jelly, my breathing was rapid but my mind was starting to accept the fact that I was in danger and I needed to do something abut it.

My eyes kept flitting to the alley way on the right but the man continued in his advancement toward me, waving his knife around menacingly.

I was trapped, stuck against a wall and he stood five feet away from me, menacingly waving the knife around in his hands.

He looked from my form and the car, debating on his next move.

"Don't even think of screaming, or I'll have you gutted where you stand. Drop your purse and keys there." he spat, pointing at his feet with the knife.

I shakily dropped my belongings on the floor at his feet and reached behind me to hold the can of pepper spray, the feel of the cold can against my clammy palms soothed my nerves.

'Just spray it in his face really fast' I told myself. 'Just do it.'

My grip tightened on the can as the man began to approach me, and my heart picked up it's pace, searing a tattoo of the beat into my chest.

When he was close enough I gave a yell as I shot his face full of pepper spray, refusing to release the trigger until I could feel my nose starting to itch.

He screamed and held his hand to his burning eyes "AGGGHHH!"

I took my chance, dropping the can and made a run for it, my feet pounding against the pavement as adrenaline pumped through my veins, fueling my desperation to escape.

At that very moment I cursed myself for ever quitting the track team at college because I felt rough fingers wrap around my forearm.

My arm was yanked out of my socket as I was gruffly pulled back into a smelly figure, his stench rising up to my nostrils. 

I could feel his revolting breath fanning the side of my face, making me gag, his bones were so prominent that I could feel his bones through his shirt and for a single moment I pitied the man.

"You little bitch, I'll get you back for that." he snarled, pressing the blade against my jugular once again.

Every and any thought of feeling sorry for the man before me disintegrated on the spot, this man was willing to kill me for the contents of my poor-because-of-college wallet, the thought alone almost made me release giggles dispite the grave situation.

Then he moved the blade so it was pressing against where my belly button was, making me nervous.

But as soon as the blade was moved to press against my side I could feel his figure being ripped away from me, but not before lodging the blade in my stomach and pulling it across.

I collapsed on the concrete pavement, not being able to catch a glimpse of my savior, and blood began to rush out of the wound, pooling on the floor in a puddle of ruby red.

Pressing my hand to my side, I attempted in stemming the rapid flow but to no avail as it flowed through my fingers, soaking my blue shirt so it appeared purple.

'Huh, who knew red and blue would make purple.' I thought dizzily.

My hands were covered with other large, masculine hands, as they pressed a cloth deep in the would, trying to stop the bleeding.

In my dazed and pained state I thought that perhaps I was looking at an angel of death, as that was the only logical explanation my mind managed to come up with to explain the man before me.

Dark midnight curls reached the nape of his neck, and his grey eyes were currently focused on my wound, putting pressure.

'If this is death' I thought 'Then I'll take it.'

He looked at me worriedly and if I were standing up then my legs were sure to have turned to jelly at the full force of his gorgeous face looking at me.

"We have to get you to the hospital." he said as he put his arms underneath my knees, picking me up, bridal style.

I could feel the effect of his deep voice tingling all the way down to my toes and managed to protest, my lips slow and clumsy "No, no hospital. . . just take me home. . ."

The thought of having to go back to the hospital, even in my delirious state, struck fear in the very depths of my heart.

I couldn't go back, ever, even if I was on my death bed; like I currently was. There was no possibility of me walking the sickly clean hall of a hospital again, or be bed bound ever again. I just couldn't.

His eye brows scrunched together "But you can die!" he said incredulously, obviously shocked at my insane proposition.

Black dots danced before my eyes, and I struggled to stay conscious.

"Just take me home . . . 1290 Backdrop road." I mumbled, just before my vision went dark and I knew no more.



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