Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


2. The Shy

Lammy panted as she ran after Mr. Pickels, she nearly ran into Mole, who was going to the park. She finally caught Mr. Pickels, and puting him in her purse, she decided to go to the park to apologize to Mole. As she walked to the park, she started to think how, being the new girl, was that everyone seemed to have a special someone....except her and Mole. 


As Lammy entered the park, she saw Giggles and Petunia swinging, Cuddles and Toothy playing a board game. She looked around for Mole, then saw him sitting on a park bench away from everyone else. She walked over to him and say next to him. Mole sensed someone sit next to him, so he whsipers "Hello?"

Lammy jumps up a bit, but smiled and spoke, "Hey, Mole, It's Lammy, I ran past you and I wanted to apologize for almost knocking you down"

Mole smiled back and whispered back, "It is quite alright, tell me, Lammy, what do you look like"

Lammy was taken back by the question, "What do you mean?"

"It is just, I know what everyone looks like in the town, except for you, so could you describe yourself to me please" whispered Mole

"Well, I am about 5'7, my hair is light purple, I wear white sweaters and purple leggings, I'm shy, and that's about it" said Lammy

Mole smiles and whispers, "Thank you"

Lammy smiles back and hugs him, " Your welcome"

Mole turns slight red in the cheeks when she hugs him, but hugs her back anyway. Lammy lets go and looks at him, his hair was dark pink, long past his neck, he looked about 7'2, so he was about 2 feet taller than her. She never notice how handsome he was, how he looked so marvelous, she didn't know why he was single, he seemed like a nice person. So they sat there on bench, both thinking about each other.

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