Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


1. The Blind

The Mole was a tall slender man, with purple hair, that was shaggy and covered his eyes, which were also covered by black glass, a dark purple turtleneck covered his mouth and most of his body. He had a cane, not because he was unable to walk, because he was blind. He had been blind since birth. He got up out of bed, feeling around for his cane, he found it and started walking to the living room. He sat on the couch, after "watching" television for a little while, he decided to go for a walk in park, 'That sounds nice" he thought. He walked out the door. As Mole was walking to park when he heard a girl run past him, he knew she was a girl, because when she ran past him, he heard her yelled, "Mr. Pickels, slow down!", it was Lammy, the new girl in town. The Mole continued on his way to the park, thinking about how much he wished he could find someone who loved him.....

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