Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


7. So Much!!!!

Happy Tree Town was a buzz of excitement, Lammy and Mole were to be wedded, some thought it was wrong that a 26 year old is marrying a 22 year old, but everyone else thought it was great that both of them had found love. The wedding was in 3 weeks and they needed to prepare and Giggles was happy to help.

"We need a priest, food service, flowers, wedding dress for you, tuxedo for Mole, lots of chairs, wedding cake, rings for you guys, piano player, best man, best woman, and invitations" Giggles went through the list of supplies they needed

"That's all, huh?" smiled Lammy

"Seems like a lot" muttered Mole, who didn't understand sarcasm

Giggles smiled, and said "It will be worth it though"

"Where are we going to find a piano player, priest, and food services?" asked Lammy

Mole and Giggles said in unison, "Lumpy"

Lumpy was a tall blue haired man, older than most of people in Happy Tree Town, he was the town idiot as some called him, his intelligence is low, but he has a big heart, and wants to help people, and he likes cheese, so people pay him in cheese or food, rather than money.

"I will get everything else, I can go shopping for a dress for you, Lammy, and Mole could go with someone to find a suitable tux" said Giggles

"I can go with Handy, he is my best friend" smiled Mole

"Okay, that's great" Giggles checked off some things on her list, "We still need rings, a cake, chairs, flowers, and someone to be best man and woman"

"Handy can be my best man and you could be Lammy's best woman" said Mole

"That's a great idea" smiled Lammy

"Let's get going, the wedding is only in 2 weeks" said Giggles, as they all parted ways to get the supplies for the big day.


"You want me to be your best man?" asked Handy

"Yes, as you help me many times, I feel as though you are my closest friend" said Mole, who had walked to Handy's home

"Aw, thanks, I feel honored" smiled Handy

"Also, could you help me find a tuxedo?" asked Mole

"Sure, there is a men's clothing store, that should have some tuxes" said Handy, and they set off to the store to find a tuxedo.


Meanwhile Mole and Handy went to get Mole's tuxedo, Lammy and Giggles went to the bridal shop to find Lammy a nice looking dress. Lammy tried on a lot, but none really stood out to her, then she saw a light purple dress. She went over to it and looked at it, it was beautiful, it was a bit poofy, but other than that, it was perfect, she put it on and went to show Giggles.

"Oh, that is so pretty" smiled Giggles

"You think?" Lammy was unsure

"It is so you, purple is your favorite color, and it's purple, so it is perfect!" said Giggles

Lammy smiled at her friend and said, "Thanks"

Lammy paid for the dress, and they went to go get the flowers, find rings, and get everything ready for her and Mole's big day, which was only 2 weeks away.


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