Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


3. Shopping And Partying!

As Mole and Lammy sat there on the park bench, Mole's hand found hers. Lammy blushed but took his hand, they sat there in silence, watching birds fly from tree to tree, singing and chirping. Mole sighed, and said, "I wish I could see....but I'll never see again"

"You could get new eyes or get laser eye surgery" suggested Lammy

"It is not that simple" whispered Mole

"But-" Lammy said, but Mole stood up

Mole got up and said, "I must be going to the grocery store, good day Ms. Lammy" and walked off in the direction of the supermarket/grocery store, leaving Lammy flustered and alone once more.


Mole made it to the grocery store, he entered the store and "looked" around, feeling for a shopping cart, found one and went down an aisle, and push the car into a wall over and over. Handy, a short man, with sandy hair cut in a buzz cut, and no hands (hence the name "Handy") saw this and decided to help the blind man.

"Hey Mole, ya need any help?" asked Handy

"Sure could you help me find some donuts, I am rather hungry" asked Mole, who was pushing the cart into a wall, over and over, so Handy pushed the cart with his nubs and led Mole to the breakfast aisle of the store. Mole felt around for a box of donuts, found one and asked in a whisper, "Excuse me but, which ones are the pink frosted sprinkled ones?", Handy said, "The one you grabbed", Mole smiled and whispered, "Okay", and placed them in the cart. At checkout, Mole gave the clerk some money, paying for the donuts and smiled at Handy, "Thank you for helping me", Handy smiled back and said, "No problem, bud". And with that Mole left the store and continued on his journey back to his house.


Lammy was back at her house, feeling sad that Mole had left abruptly. She left Mr. Pickels out of her purse and put him in a jar. Mr. Pickels was in fact a pickle with a top hat, curly mustache, and small arms and legs, he hurt many of Lammy's friends in the past and even killed them, so she put him a in a plastic jar so he wouldn't escape. Lammy sat down on a chair and thought about Mole again, when the ring of the doorbell sounded, she got up and opened it, Cuddles, a teenager in a yellow rabbit jacket, was standing in the doorway, he smiled when he saw her.

"Hey, Lammy, Giggles and I are throwing a party in honor of you being here a whole year!" smiled Cuddles

Lammy smiled back and said, "Oh that sounds wonderful, thank you guys so much. When is it?"

"Tomorrow at about 8 pm" said Cuddles

"Who is going to be there?" asked Lammy

"Everyone! Disco Bear, Cub, Petunia, Toothy, Lumpy, Giggles, Flippy, Pop, Lifty, Flaky, Handy, Myself, You, and....Mole" said Cuddles, as he recited the guest list

Lammy froze and blushed when she heard Mole's name, but Cuddles either didn't notice or didn't care and said, "So you going?"

"Of course!" said Lammy, smiling

"Great, see you tomorrow" said Cuddles and walked out of the house

Lammy sighed as he left, wondering what she was going to wear, and wondering what Mole was going wear, she blushed as she went to her room to go find a suitable outfit.



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