Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


4. A Kiss In The Dark

Mole had received a invitation to the party shortly after Cuddles left Lammy's house, he couldn't read real words, so it was written in braille. He smiled when he read Lammy was going to be there. He had to find something to wear. he found a good outfit. After putting the clothes on a chair, he went to the kitchen to eat the donuts he had just bought when the his phone rang, he answered it.

'Hello?" asked Mole

"Hello Mole, remember me?" said Voice

"Nope, goodbye!" said Mole and hung up the phone, which rung agian

"Yes?" said Mole

"It's me, you moron, Rat!!" yelled Rat

"Hello, Rat, what do you want" said Mole

"I'm coming for my revenge!" Rat laughed evilly 

"No, thank you, I'm very busy now with my own life, goodbye!" said Mole

"What?, wait!-" Rat tried to say, but Mole hung up on him

"What a weirdo....." mumbled Mole and went to eat donuts and "watch" some television


It was the day of the party, Mole had gotten dressed in his outfit, with a purple striped fedora, a purple jacket, white shirt, and red striped tie. Even though he couldn't see his reflection in his mirror, he still though he looked good. Meanwhile Lammy was dressed in a white shirt and purple skirt, they left their houses at the same time and began their walk to Cuddles and Giggles home. Lammy entered a little before Mole and saw everyone, Flaky and Lifty were flirting, Flippy was watching them with a glare, Petunia was dancing with Handy. Lammy saw Giggles and walked over to her.

"This is a great party" said Lammy

"Thanks" smiled Giggles

"Have you seen Mole?" asked Lammy

"He should be here" Giggles looked around and she saw Mole standing in the doorway talking to the wall thinking it was a person, "There he is"

Lammy smiled and said, "Thanks", and walked over to Mole and tapped his shoulder, Mole jumped a bit and turned around and asked, "Hello?"

"Hey Mole" said Lammy

"Oh, Hello Lammy!" Mole smiled when he realized it was her

"How are you?" asked Lammy

"I am rather happy, now that your here" said Mole

Lammy blushed and stammered, "I like your outfit....."

"Thank you" smiled Mole, after a somewhat awkward silence, a slow song came on, and couples rushed to dance with their significant others. Mole asked, "Would you like to dance, Ms. Lammy" and held out his hand, Lammy smiled, blushing, and said, "O-Okay...". They slow dance, Lammy looked into Mole's eyes, covered by his dark glasses, Mole sensed she was looking at him and looked back, Mole came in closer. Lammy's heart beat faster, ramming against her ribcage as Mole kissed her, she kisssed back, and stood there, kissing each in the darkness of the dance floor.



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