Blind And Shy

The Mole is blind. Lammy is the shy new girl in Happy Tree Town. When a accident happens, Lammy and Mole ended up bonding. Will they fall in love? Or will a dark secret about The Mole tear them apart?


9. 5 Years Later..... (FInal Chapter)

5 years after being married, Mole and Lammy moved in together. Lammy decided that she wanted a baby, so they made love and 9 months later, a beautiful baby boy had been born. They named him "Gray", because that was Mole's favorite color. Many years passed and Gray was a toddler, just learning how to walk and talk. Mole and Lammy felt happier than they had every been. They had each other. They had Gray. They were a family that would last forever until the end of time.

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