Poker face (Cry X reader)


2. X-That Bitch-X

-Cheyenne's P.O.V-

that little bitch is always stealing my boyfriend from me. i know she likes him and i know cry likes her. it makes me angry,so i'm going to suprise cry tonight with the sexy side of me....Not really...but i'm going to be affectionate towards him the whole time because i know She will be there to see. I growl as she hugs cry in excitement. i try not to show my jealousy. "Whats wrong cheyenne? Cat got Your Tounge?" she giggles out. i just kick her leg under the table. she glares at me in hurt. "i g-g-gotta go..." she stutters out angrily. "No wait,What is wrong Jessy?" cry states in a worried tone. i wanted to roll my eyes but i knew better "because cheyenne is always being a BITCH to me whenever i am near know what cry? you don't even know what i go through,SO JUST SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! I LOVE YOU,I LOVE YOU,I LOVE YOU! okay? IS THAT ENOUGH OF AN AWNSER FOR YOU!?" she screams. i laugh at her atempt. "Jessy...ii-i-i" cry tries to say something that i hoped he wouldn't say "you what?" she says boldly walking out. cry turns towards me in fury "we are over" i was pissed "Fine,you man whore." "what did you call him you Little bitch?" Says jessy's soft voice


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