Poker face (Cry X reader)


1. X-His Laugh-x

A laugh erupts from cry as i start choking on my soda. He hits my back firmly "" say pissed off. he chuckles "sorry-y-y Its just so f-f-fucking funny" he falls off of the stool with a thud. "HA KARMA'S A BITCH ISN'T IT?" i point to him cracking up. he just fake pouts at me..or so i think. i couldn't really tell since his mask is always on. i Wished i could see his face,but i respect his privacy so i don't mind otherwise. he groans as he pulls out his now broken game-boy. i giggle at him. he glares at me. i smile faintly at him. I loved his cute laugh whenever something exciting happened or when he would be sad he would always cuddle me and fake cry. i love his smile that could be seen from the edge of mask. He makes me happy. i seem to have had a small crush on him when i was younger,now i have a HUGE crush on him. Not that he cares now.

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