The Great

don't be afraid of your inner self


1. The Great

Greatness is inside ME,

Yet I hide thee.

Overlooked because of earthly things

Seems I am afraid of the song my Soul sings

Yesterday has passed

Tomorrow is near

Me in the present, is the ME I fear

Perfect vision of the past

Blurry of the future

Greatness in me grows a bit colder

Me – I should wait until I am much older

Me – The past, you are not getting any younger

Me – the present needs to fuel The Great’s hunger

Gone are the walls that shelter The Great

Alone inside me the great awaits

Me – feed The Great, for your soul sake

Full of food The Greatness is there

No longer I fear the me of the present

I noticed The Greatness no longer to hesitant

Let ME be great the soul and I shout

Knowing today is the day,

I let The Greatness out!

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