Is It My Fault???

This story is a about a girl who is being bullied in her high school by the members of one direction (They are not famous).she wants to know why they are doing this to her without a answer she turns to self harm but the real reason they dis like her is the last thing she will expect.


3. How Can I Say This??

Harry's POV

When i arrived at the hospital i spotted mikah getting some snacks out of the vending machine. I walked up to him and touched his shoulder he turned around and said

"hey you ready to go up".

"yeah what floor"  i said as we got on a elevator.

"2nd" as we was going up the elevator

I felt nervous not because i didnt want  to come but because i wondered how mad she still was about me bullying her..........the only reason i did that is because i always liked her, but i guess i never had the guts to as her out and i couldn't be seen with her because she is a nerd.

"Come On" Mikah said interupting me thoughts.

When we walked to the door there was two officers talking to her but they left as me and mikah walked in.

"Hey" I said holding my head down i coulnt stand to look at her like that she had bruises on her face, neck, and arms .plus she had a black eye.

"Hey Mikah do mind if i talk to harry alone" She said looking at me.

"Sure" mikah said smiling  at me before exiting the room.

After mikah closed the door she began talking.

"Harry thank you so much for helping me i dont think i will still be alive if you didnt help me and i want you to know im really grateful."

" No problem  Im the one that should be apologizing for all i been putting you through all these years so im sorry that i did all that to you and i hope your willing to accept my apologize?"

" I forgive you  but one more thing "


"come closer so i can whisper it to you she said smiling"

 leaned down so she could tell me,but she didnt say any thing she just kissed me......i was speechless but that didnt keep me from kissing her back. we stopped to take a breath and then went back at it before i knew it we were kissing again 

"Excuse me" mikah said as he walked in the room. "oh i said getting up off the bed well i guess i will se you tomorrow" i said before exiting out the room with mikah hot on my trail. "what was that" he said smiling hard i refused to answer him and kept walking to the elevator. "Harry," he said again but this time in a more serious tone. 

"Yes mikah' i said annoyed"

"What happened back there"

"I honestly dont wanna talk about it at least not right now"without saying anything else i walked out of the hospital and headed home.

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