Is It My Fault???

This story is a about a girl who is being bullied in her high school by the members of one direction (They are not famous).she wants to know why they are doing this to her without a answer she turns to self harm but the real reason they dis like her is the last thing she will expect.


1. First Day Of School (Sophomore Year)

Kyleah's POV


I woke up dreading the fact that it was the first day of school. I cant believe I have to deal with these assholes for yet another year. It feel as if their parents gave birth to them, simply to make my life a living hell.

"Leah sweetie, it's time for you to get up and get ready for school," my mom said, interupting my thoughts.

"Okay," I answered, grabbing my robe and heading for the bathroom.

After getting out of the shower, I got dressed, grabbed a granola bar and went to the bus stop. As I was walking down the street, I spotted Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis at the bus stop. In order to get away from them, I crossed the street  but they probably spotted me, as they were heading towards me.

"What do you want," I said with attitude.

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch," Liam snapped.

He always had a short temper when it came to me. I tried walking past them but Louis grabbed me while Harry repeatedly punched me in the face, I fell to the ground and all of them began kicking me. 

"The bus is coming," Zayn said.

Never had I been so excited seeing a bus, in my entire ife. As I got up from the ground, I wiped the blood from my busted lip.

"You think that was bad? Wait until ater school" Harry threatened, as he got on the bus. Sitting down in the front was a habit, as noone in the back likes me, only because Harry had told his girlfriend Taylor, that I had tried to kiss him. Taylor and me fought and I accidentally broke her wrist while I was defending myself. Ever since then, almost noone in school liked me anymore. When we got to school, Taylor was outside, waiting for Harry as always. Hastily, I rushed past her, headed for the bathroom, to fix my long black curly hair into a bun and walked to class, which I reached just as the bell rang.

"Ms. Andrews you're late," Ms. Amy my child studies teacher said.

I excused myself and sat down next to my best friend Mikah .

"Hey how was your summer," he asked and grinned widely.

"Um it was okay, except for the fact that I had to deal with Harry and his friends. What about you? You must have had fun in the U.S," I replied, feeling much better, now that my best friend was back.

"It was great! I met some nice people and got to known to a girl," he reported.

"Oohh, tell me mor. Whats her name? How old is she," I wanted to know.

"Well, her name is Anna and she is 16. We aren't really dating because she can't do long distance relationships but we can be friends, so i was cool with that," Mikah told me.

"That's good," I told him before the teacher began talking.

The first period of school went by pretty fast and I stayed until 7pm for my theatre class. My Mom was  at work, so I had to walk home. I took the shortcut through the alley, halfway through I heard footsteps behind me. My heart jumped, as I turned around and saw a man standing only few feet away from me.....

*******TO BE CONTINUED******

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