Shadow Hunter

When Kate finds out that she has the ancient blood in her, she doesn't believe. But when she meets her soul mate James she starts to wonder.


2. Hospital?

I wake up wearing a pink polka dot hospital gown. I can't remember anything all I know is my name Kate. I look around and notice that I was in a bed and it was night time. I look around and saw a shadow outside the window. I peer out from under the thin hospital blanket. The figure was moving towards the entrance of the hospital. The figure appeared to be a male. He walked in. I looked around. the figure's shadow danced around the hallway. As the shadow got bigger the sudden realization dawned upon me. This man could be a murderer or something. I looked around the room for something to defend myself, for if he came in. There was a syringe on the side of the medical table or whatever the doctors call it. I reach out and grab it. It clatters to the floor. I cringe and grab it quickly. I make a silent prayer to god that the intruder doesn't come in.

"Kate, I know your in here." The strange voice sounded nothing like a killers voice. There was no point in hiding, he knows that I'm here

"What do you want" I back against the bed-frame, the syringe hidden up my sleeve. 

" You know what I want" the strange figure was wearing a hood that bent low over his eyes. This man was crazy I don't know what hes talking about

"What are you talking about" the figure raises his hood.

"You mean you don't know?" I shake my head he looked crestfallen

" I'm James, remember the guy that interviewed you at the meeting. I looked at him and shrugged I pull out the syringe and point it at him.

"You leave me alone, right now, or I stab you, witch is it?"

"OK just let me clear up one thing, don't you remember anything about me, or anyone else?"

" Leave now!" the boy walked out silently. I checked out the window to see if he was gone. His shadow followed him until he faded away in the distance.






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